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“Keynes” and other back-pats

Here’s a Robert Samuelson article, “bye bye Keynes” that should give us all pause: the arguments he uses to write Keynes’ obituary are arguments that we all posited in our own excoriation of Keynes in years past, in response to a string of commentators, ranging from A to Z. I’ve

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Dying certitudes

On the heels of Bookworm’s excellent, hard-hitting essay on narcissism comes a nice coda on man-made global warming that is emblematic of Bookworm’s theme. Because of major discoveries involving the interaction of atmospheric aerosols and cosmic radiation, “climate models will have to be revised,” stated a communication from CERN that

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Nobody’s perfect

A liberal friend told me today that it’s okay that Al Gore lives high on the energy hog because, while his message is important, you can’t really expect him to change his lifestyle:  “He’s entitled to expect a certain standard of living.”  Same friend was unfazed by the fact that

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