The Badlands of Gaza

The BBC is worried because one of its reporters has gone missing in Gaza, and some groups have already stepped forward to claim that he’s been kidnapping. This bad news all around. First, I sincerely hope that the reporter is safe and has not been forced to convert. Second, this is one more reminder that reporter’s who don’t toe the Palestinian/jihadist party line to the last jot and tiddle are in danger in the West Bank area. That, in turn, should remind all thinking people to take with a grain of salt any reports that come out of that neck of the woods.

Anyway, let’s just hope that Mr. Johnston is drunk and tackily dressed, rather than in any real danger.

Instant update: Immediately after writing the above, I read that, while the BBC is downplaying Mr. Johnston’s disappearance, the usually very accurate YNET news is saying that he was indeed kidnapped, and has lots of details to support this statement:

Masked Palestinian gunmen kidnapped a BBC reporter from his car in Gaza City on Monday, Palestinian security officials said.The news network said Johnston was from Scotland and has been reporting from Gaza for the past three years.

The man threw a business card on the street that identified him as Alan Johnston of the BBC, officials said. The BBC bureau chief in Jerusalem, Simon Wilson, said his news network had lost contact with Johnston but Wilson could not immediately confirm a kidnapping. Security sources said four gunmen carried out the kidnapping, and that a car was found abandoned near Johnston’s Gaza City apartment. Police found the lease of the rental car, which stated the vehicle was rented to the BBC.

YNET adds that these kidnappings are usually to get something to barter with in internecine feuds between Palestinians, that they happen frequently, and that the reporters are usually released within hours. Yeah, that kind of environment will ensure accurate coverage — not. | digg it

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  • ymarsakar

    The age of medieval interrogations and torture, Book. Kidnappings and ransom were quite popular in Richard the Lionhearted’s day, including the ancient Romans. The Romans refused to pay ransom for the return of captured soldiers in the 2nd Punic War, to Hannibal. Romans also had a rather interesting habit of committing suicide when captured or about to be captured, just to avoid the dishonor of a ransom being paid for them or being humiliated while in captivity. The Islamic Jihad doesn’t seem to have that problem.

    Yeah, that kind of environment will ensure accurate coverage — not.

    That has always been one of the key weaknesses of the media, Book, that I strongly advocated the Bush Admin exploit. The media is not only ignorant and guillible, but they are weak hearted and obvious in what they value. By limiting and controlling their coverage and exclusives, you can “persuade” them to report or not report on certain things.

    My position was always. If you don’t ban CBS, NBC, and the NYT from white house press conferences, while elevating Fox News to 100% exclusive access status, then your enemies will steal a march on you and do it to you. When the lives of good men and women are at stake, you cannot ethically give advantages freely to the enemy. Either you are playing for keeps or you are playing a game. Bush never truly has tried to answer that, he has always tried to fit his personal beliefs and morality to the exisgencies of this century’s problems. He is human after all. But then so are his enemies, therelin lies his salvation, if he will only take it.

    Then again, that’s why I said people like a President who will inflict pain and humiliation on our enemies. I don’t call it the SOBness factor, because that’s rather crude in my view. The difference is simple to describe.

    People call Rudy a SOB because of what… he gave divorce papers to his wife while she was in the hospital? I don’t know the details of course, but presumably he did so because he was a prosecutor and wanted the legalities out of the way, and any lawyer should have long ago foresworn any personal feelings concerning how they would act concerning the law.

    Since leaving office as mayor, Giuliani has found considerable success in the private sector. He founded Giuliani Partners, a security consulting business, acquired Giuliani Capital Advisors (later sold), an investment banking firm, and joined the Bracewell & Giuliani law firm. In February 2007 Giuliani filed a statement of candidacy for the Republican nomination for the 2008 presidential campaign.[7] Most polls in early 2007 showed him as the leading candidate for the nomination.[8][9]

    Guiliani seems like a law and order kind of person. But what I advocate for a President to do goes beyond simply SOBness. It encroaches upon the region of sadism.

    Because destroying people mentally, spiritually, and emotionally requires more than just playing by the book, the numbers, and doing what is necessary. It is doing more than is necessary. In order to go past people’s tolerances. Humans being humans, they all have a breaking point, somewhere, somewhen. The media has, the Democrats have it, Daily Kos has, and so do the Islamic Jihad (suicidal or not).

    In order to render a person psychologically defeated in his mind, and not just in his body or perceptions, you must hit all of that person’s vulnerabilities at once, with a blitz. No mercy may be given, for mercy will give hope and sustenance, thereby prolonging the conflict. Not only must you hit your targets, all at once, but you must hit them hard. Tip tapping around won’t be enough, you must crush the media’s vital organs and bone structure, without giving them time to react or come up with counter-plans.

    If the media was your ally, like Fox is, then your strategy should be to heal them if they are injured, to support them if they cannot support themselves, and to give them moral and spiritual aid in their time of need. But once an enemy has been declared, and the lines of allegiance incised unto flesh and stone, then it is too late for doubts. The war is on.

    Is not ultimate loyalty in friendship determined by whether the enemies of your friend are your own enemies? It is foolish to think that everyone can be a friend to everyone else, and have a mediation going on. Sometimes it happens, and that is good, but most often, it doesn’t.

    So we get back to accurate coverage. If you don’t get a handle on the media, your enemies will. And your refusal to acquire allies and destroy enemies, will then be forced upon you. Because in the beginning, the media was its own entity more or less, a neutral party. If you allow your enemies to subvert and control the media, you will be forced to treat the media as an enemy… so it is far better to get them in line now, before the media becomes a real danger and you are forced into an action you don’t want.

    That’s why Presidents are best served by dishing out damage disproportionate to the current danger of their target. Disproportionately large of course.

    The media are children, and like all children they need discipline and guidance. The choice any side has, is of course, who they will let discipline and guide their children.

    See, they don’t know. They don’t want to know. They can’t handle it. They cannot protect themselves, let alone others. How can they be adults? They cannot.

    Your allies can be made to turn on you if they are made to fear the enemy more than they fear you. Independent of any respect. If your allies can be made to do this… think about what you need to do to prevent neutral entities like the media from becoming your enemy. And also think about what you are required to do to turn the enemies in the media, to your allies. The terrorists surely know how. You will have to handle the allies of the terrorists sooner or later you know, better sooner than later in my view.

  • Cappy

    I the good guys make no expense to rescue the BBC guy.

  • Danny Lemieux

    When I think of all the peoples in the world truly deserving of my sympathies because of circumstances over which they have no control…oh, say…sex slaves, abused children, Darfurians, Burma, Cambodia, Thailand, Israeli victims of Islamic rockets and suicide bombs, Cubans, the mentally ill, nutroot moonbats (ooops, was that redundant?)etc, the Palestinians, their advocates and their enablers pretty much hold up the very back of the line. As a human being, I hope the BBC journalist comes out OK but I really am not going to lose sleep over it.

  • ymarsakar

    That’s a good example of what I’m talking about. Cultivate your allies. Protect them. Regardless of where they are or where they came from. If someone is an enemy, hurt them. If someone is an ally, help them.

  • ymarsakar

    My conclusion on the media, via several interesting materials in outside links.