Gore’s real goal?

Jonah Goldberg’s analysis of Gore’s approach to climate change sounds entirely accurate given the way in which Gore is presenting the problem and the changes he’s demanding:

Indeed, he wants to change attitudes about government as much as he wants to preach environmentalism. Global warming is what William James called a “moral equivalent of war” that gives political officials the power to do things they could never do without a crisis. As liberal journalist James Ridgeway wrote in the early 1970s: “Ecology offered liberal-minded people what they had longed for, a safe, rational and above all peaceful way of remaking society … (and) developing a more coherent central state.”

This explains Gore’s relentless talk of “consensus,” his ugly moral bullying of “deniers” and, most of all, his insistence that because there’s no time left to argue, everyone should do what he says.

Isn’t it interesting how the same people who think “dissent is the highest form of patriotism” when it comes to the war think that dissent when it comes to global warming is evil and troglodytic?

As Czechoslovakia’s the President of the Czech Republic pointed out, the hysteria attendant on climate change is only Marxism in another name. (By the way, take as read here my usual points that I too want less pollution and more alternatives for dictator-owned oil, but for the right reasons, not the wrong, hysterical, anti-societal ones.)

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  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com/ ymarsakar

    Creating the problem in the first place, and then getting personal benefits by offering to “solve the problem” is…. interesting.

  • Al

    Rush Limbaugh has ranted for years that the environmentalists are really Communists in western clothing. The various societies for “Peace and Justice”, the characters who violently protest the World Trade meetings, and the environmentalists all have the same slogans. The similarity of speech and the violence of their actions makes one wonder if there is some semi controlling agency, hard as it is to believe.
    Regardless, mankind has to learn what the plants did. We need to figure out how to cheaply use sunlight for power at the local site of use. Once that happens, a new day will surely dawn.

  • http://www.righttruth.typepad.com Debbie

    For Gore it’s really about the publicity and the MONEY!!! He’s raking in the millions with ‘carbon credits’ etc.

  • Danny Lemieux

    Zing, YM! You distilled the issue to its true essence!