How moonbats party

You have to read this to believe it, but I’ll give you a hint:  a school in New Hampshire had an evening celebrating Saudi culture that included marginalizing all the girls!  After you read it, imagine the other possibilities, such as a Jewish party celebrating Cossack culture, or the late Roman Empire having a bash dressed in Hunnish clothing, or perhaps the ancient Celts getting down to boogie the Roman way.

I understand that Saudi Arabia is not technically our enemy but is, instead, in the peculiar way of foreign politics, our ally.  That doesn’t change the fact that it is the Saudis that are now and have been for decades spending billions of dollars to export the religious doctrine that seeks our downfall.  Nor does it change the fact that Saudi religious and cultural beliefs, especially regarding women, are hostile to everything America stands for.  This means that, while we may be awkwardly situated political bedfellows, we don’t need to pretend that there’s something virtuous about the way in which the Saudis live (although I bet the food, as is true for the food from so many Muslim cultures, is delicious.)

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  • Gringo

    That in a nutshell shows the danger of multiculturalism: tolerating those who do not tolerate you. OTOH, maybe by doing that maybe the participants got an idea of the intolerant misogynistic attributes of Saudi culture.

  • Danny Lemieux

    Sounds like a Stockholm Syndrome party to me.

    If this signals a trend to parties planned around psychological disorder themes, the possibilities really are endless, aren’t they?

    Think about it…we could have bulemia parties, or OCD parties….how about Bipolar Parties (binge and purge)?

  • expat

    I think these middle schoolers should have been sent to the nearest high school and demanded that all the girls give up their drivers licences and car keys. Forget the funky dances and keep it real.

  • Ymarsakar

    I understand that Saudi Arabia is not technically our enemy but is, instead, in the peculiar way of foreign politics, our ally.

    They occupy the same position as France. Meaning, they’ll help us if it is in their interest, but mostly it is not in their interest. And just like with France, it is insanely difficult to get rid of them.

    This means that, while we may be awkwardly situated political bedfellows, we don’t need to pretend that there’s something virtuous about the way in which the Saudis live

    If you read Neo’s post here.

    You’ll see that the Left is very intolerant of us but very tolerant of others. This perhaps explains how they can tolerate evil, because justify themselves by saying they “don’t tolerate evil”, meaning conservatives.

  • Ymarsakar

    My link to Neo’s site is being spammed in every comment I try to post it, Book. Could you please check the spam folders for it here.

  • Bookworm

    Will do, Y. I’ve managed to get rid of most of the spam problem, but there are, apparently, legacies.

  • Ymarsakar

    Akismet doesn’t like Neo’s html site ; )

    Another addition to the difference between fake liberals and conservatives is highlighted in these two comments on Neo’s site.

    # Occam’s Beard Says:
    May 28th, 2008 at 12:45 pm

    To adopt a partisan note, but for several reasons I’m not convinced Republicans would have squawked (or squawked nearly as much) about the 2000 election had the situation been reversed.

    First, going back a ways, they didn’t squawk when JFK stole the 1960 election, and Nixon refused to demand a recount despite what everyone agrees was a plethora of voting fraud by Democrats.

    More recently, Republicans didn’t howl to high heaven about Christine “Landslide” Gregoire’s “victory” in Washington, in which, IIRC, boxes of Gregoire votes miraculously appeared very late in the process, tipping the election to her and resulting in more votes being cast than there were registered voters (hmmm).

    In both cases, Republicans weren’t happy about it, but they didn’t demonize their opponents for years thereafter.

    I think there are several reasons for this. First, Democrats tend to attract the young, and therefore the passionate, emotional, intemperate, some might say the none-too-bright element, whatever you want to call it. It’s the same reason liberals are so often happy to use foul language in public discourse.

    The second reason is more invidious, and that is the role of agitprop in Democratic politics. Democrats appear not to realize, or at least to care, that their tent includes hard-core leftist agitators (e.g., Ayers) who fundamentally want to undermine the American way of life to replace it with a collectivist utopia. They seek to do this by spreading disaffection with American institutions: the family, the government, patriotism, the electoral process, the military, the justice system, and by stirring internal dissension between races, sexes, and religions. They’re not acting in good faith, but quite the reverse. A chance to destroy people’s faith in the equity of the electoral process was a windfall to these people.
    # gcotharn Says:
    May 28th, 2008 at 1:37 pm

    Occam’s Beard beat me to it: I don’t think conservatives would’ve raised a similar stink. I concur with his examples – the Gregoire example in Washington state being particularly egregious.

    I am certain some conservatives – being fallible humans – would’ve betrayed principle. A larger percentage of Republicans – being more defined by the purpose of winning policital power – would’ve betrayed principle. But, overall, the conservative and Republican reaction would not have been the same. Why?

    Conservatives are grounded in “short term pain = long term gain”. For example: allowing free markets to work = short term pain = long term gain. “Follow the law” is the perfect example: short term pain = long term gain. For conservatives: to break the law is to break with their values and principles. For liberals: changing law is more consistentent with their values.

    As I have stated before, America is built partially on trust. Trust that if you lose an election, you’ll get another chance to get back into power and address your grievances. Trust that your neighbor, if you help him, will help you instead of backstabbing you, killing your wife, selling your children into slavery, and looting your house when your back is turned.

    When societies do not have that trust, things break down into tribalism. Meaning you only trust blood relations and that is it. It’s a reflexive self-survival instinct, of course.

    The Left wants to break AMerica’s trust in US foundations and American traditions in order to justify uplifting Leftist bureaucrats to the heights of absolute power.

    The way things are going, the Left can make great strides by taking advantage of the trust of both Democrats and Republicans in the political process, to screw both Republicans and Democrats (say blacks for example).

    However, this is only temporarily. The more you betray the trust people have in their political institutions or just their political opponents, the more things become balkanized. And since we, meaning conservatives, pro-military, pro-Iraq, and pro-killing and execution people are the ones most intensely interested in acquiring and obtaining lethal weapons and techniques to destroy, blow up, and kill people, this is not something the Democrats and the Left want to create. They do not want to create a Balkanized United States of America where brother is set against brother and sister against sister. For they will lose in the end and we will start anew by purging them from the face of the Earth, for the same reason why Crown Loyalists after the Revolutionary War was exiling to Canada. Which, although not a complete annihilation, did suffice for the purpose given that the Crown Loyalists had honor and still obeyed laws.

    The coming of the Leftist Revolution will break down all laws, those for peace as well as war. They have already done so for terrorists and suicide bombings, why not for America entire?

    Exile will never work on them for was not Khomeni exiled and then invited back in because of Carter’s bullying? When there is life, there is hope. When there is no life, there is no hope either.


    The military is much to be admired because even though it costs them greatly, they refuse to invite themselves into the political equation and back us or our enemies. (At least most of them do not) In their refusal to do so, they, and perhaps only they, are the ones holding this Republic up from shame and collapse. That and the fact that people in America continue to accept political losses with grace and some modicum of obedience to laws.

  • Ymarsakar

    If you ever get a chance to watch The Legend of the Galactic Heroes, Book, be sure to notice how many times Yang Wenli refused to take political power even when his political masters were duplicitious, traitorous, greedy, corrupt, idiotic, incompetent, and evil.

    That is what makes military men and women with honor admirable. Not their expertise at killing, not their decision to join the military, and not their willingness to kill foreign enemies and die under foreign enemies for our safety. What makes them admirable is that they will sacrifice themselves, not to defend us against our external enemies, but because our internal enemies have ordered that the military must sacrifice themselves and millions of their compatriots in order to preserve democracy and the hides of the politicians in democracy.

  • Ymarsakar

    PS. Continued.

    They would obey such an order of their own free will for they would rather have themselves die and their brothers, who they love more than blood relations, sacrificed than to sacrifice the ideals of the nation they want to protect.

    And this is why Bill Arkin and his minions see the military’s greatest virtue as dying to protect them. Ask Medea of Code Pink and she will say the same of the Marines.

  • Deana

    I believe this article is actually from last year – although perhaps this “Saudi Arabian” fest is a yearly event? Not sure.

    See the link:
    Dated June 1, 2007.

    I remember this article from last year because I was so shocked. The article I saw last year had more photographs – in one photo was a mother attending to her daughter who was decked out in long, dark veils.

    I couldn’t help but wonder – this was in Amherst. I would bet money that the mother – this attractive 30-something woman – was college educated. Perhaps she worked. And she didn’t stop to think for one minute what she was doing. It didn’t occur to her that women in Arab countries are not always free to go get educations and if they are, it isn’t as if they are free to work where they want, how they want, and not always stop and consider whether or not they can do something since they are a woman.

    The whole thing was bizarre.

    I’d love to know if they did this “celebration” again this year.


  • suek

    We could always with compliments about how nice it is that they are encouraging their daughters to become nuns.

    Wonder how that would go over…!

  • Ymarsakar

    Leonides said “Come and get them” Good on Sergeant Nelson for saying “come get me”

    When I hear about this sh*t, I know that the quiet revolution I think about sometimes is coming. I really think that in a time not far from now, “normal” everyday Americans are going to rise up, en masse, against this kind of thing and change the face of our nation and return to a time of logic and common sense.

    Bottom line is, THIS SH*T (and it is) HAS GOT TO STOP! We can no longer tolerate the second guessing of the actions of men in the heat of battle who are trying to kill our enemies and survive to come home, only to drag them before some libtard judge who most likely has faced only the danger of being unable to find a close parking spot at the mall and being judged for their actions.

    Maybe it is time for Deebow to go to law school….

    God Bless Sergeant Nelson and hold out brother, help is on the way.

    Posted by: Deebow | May 28, 2008 at 02:08 PM

    This is another example of the breakdown in trust, societal trust, that is engendered by Leftist acitivites. This is has nothing to do with conspiracies or organizations and everything to do with human nature and motivating human action with rewards.

    The Left refuses to punish such actions and instead, goes out of their way to reward political prosecution of people they think they can exploit. Whether this be low ranking Marines or poor and ignorant black folks or people in Katrina needing a helping hand desperately.

    They are breaking down the societal trust that makes America work. And the consequences of that action is exactly what Deebow has suggested. Read the link for the full details.