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The Obliteration of Standards in Pursuit of “Social Justice”

With their headlong, power-made rush to obliterate standards, progressives are destroying the people they purport to represent. Societies set standards for a host of reasons, though two are primary.  First, standards, whether civil or legal, allow us to measure objective reality.  For instance, the purpose of standards, such as school

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It’s not just that wokeists are evil; they’re also terribly uninformed

As a North Carolina professor shows, wokeists aren’t merely evil (although they are very evil). They are also grossly ignorant. The University of North Carolina, a taxpayer-funded institution, teaches a course called “Global Whiteness.” That’s wrong right off the bat and illegal under the 1964 Civil Rights Act. It’s hate-filled

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No. 14 Bookworm Podcast — the sickness of American college education

The American college has lost its way. Saving it requires removing all taxpayer funds and refocusing the mission on high-level, job-based skills. (If you prefer listening over reading, the companion podcast to this post is embedded below, or you can listen to it at Libsyn or at Apple podcasts. I’m trying to make

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