John Edwards — national not-father figure

Yesterday, I blogged about the fact that the British media is not only noting the John Edwards paternity scandal, but is pointing to double-standards in the American media.  (Say it ain’t so, Joe!)  Today, has a splendid rundown of the scandal’s history, from the first moment Rielle Hunter appeared on the world’s radar.  It’s lucid, fact-filled and, without the need for any nasty language or below-the-belt attacks, devastating about both the American media and, believe it or not, Wikipedia.

Hat tip:  Hot Air

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  • rockdalian

    At Hot Air: Wikipedia locks Edwards’s page to “protect” him from rumors.
    From this point forward, I shall put no trust into what I read from Wiki.
    At least without further corroboration from other sources.
    Hey, just like the main street press.

  • Quisp

    I can’t get past the part where Edwards hired Hunter document on film for posterity his run to the Presidency. (You know Obama’s wishing he’d thought of that.) You can’t make this stuff up.

  • pondering penguin

    Thanks for the additional info. I’m working on a post about this thing. I read a piece by Slate’s Jack Shafer who wrote about the hypocrisy of covering men like Larry Craig yet not a peep about Edwards.

  • benning

    Keep moving; there’s nothing to see here.

    Sheesh! The MSM is so in-the-bag for the Democrats it’s become almost frightening!