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You can just hear the crickets chirp

Pamela Geller, who blogs at Atlas Shrugs, has spent countless hours following both McCain’s and Obama’s money.  In a carefully detailed article at American Thinker, she explains that McCain’s donations are squeaky clean, while the donations coming into the Obama campaign are, to put it tactfully, questionable.  For example, Obama’s

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Eating our own *UPDATED*

I caught a minute of Mike Gallagher today, and he was talking about the fact that Republicans are more critical of Republican candidates than Democrats are critical of Democratic candidates. It occurred to me that, at least in this election cycle, that may be because there are real, substantive differences

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Are we willing to let little Iowa determine the entire Presidential election?

I don’t like Obama, whom I consider an empty shirt, utterly devoid of experience and elevated to his lofty position only because of his skin color, something that I consider that worst kind of racial identity politics. (I just checked and it turns out that, at this particular minute, Silky

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