A backlog of links

Even thought I didn’t and couldn’t post yesterday, it didn’t mean I wasn’t paying attention.  I have a whole bunch of links I want to share with you.  I won’t take too much time on any one link, because I have only a short time before the Mom stuff starts again (summer, you know), but here goes:

If you haven’t yet read Jonah Goldberg on Obama’s postmodern deconstructionist style of communicating, you must.

If you haven’t yet read John Hawkin’s humorous and humane ideas for dealing with friends and families who haven’t yet made their personal journey to conservatism, you must.

If you haven’t yet learned that the Democrats seem compulsively drawn to old fashioned Communist symbolism, you can read more about that here.

You probably already read Andrew Breitbart’s column about the struggles conservatives have in Hollywood.  Coincidentally, it came out the same day that Jon Voight’s op-ed critique of mindless Hollywood liberalism was published.  In his most recent column, Breitbart takes on the mean-spirited, intellectually foolish and, yes, McCarthy-esque responses Voight’s column generated in Hollywood.

AJStrata launches a funny, yet pointed, attack on Barry the Cable Guy’s utterly unprincipled “get ‘er done” philosophy, which sees him saying or doing anything it takes to get to the big White House.

I commented yesterday on the wonderful pun in Soccer Dad used to title his post called Hello martyr, hello Fatah.  Elder of Ziyon took the sick tragedy underlying that pun and created a brilliantly sad/funny video.

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  • suek

    Ran across this…it’s a Democratic site, pro-Hillary, I believe. Still, there are some interesting points raised about the Obama birth certificate issue. Interestingly enough, they seem to blame Repubs for not challenging his eligibility, when a Repub such as myself is thinking that the Clintons might be holding this close to their chests till the convention. I’ve asked several places who’s supposed to do what to verify Obama’s eligibility and have had no response. I didn’t read all the responses (110 when I checked it!) but one person said it’s not illegal to _run_ for an office you’re not eligible for, and if he were elected, Congress would have to do something, and if the Congress was still a Dem majority, they wouldn’t. Interesting thought…true? I have no idea. But how _do_ you challenge someone’s eligibility? After all, California’s Attorney General isn’t really eligible to be attorney general, but he is.


    Just parking this here because there’s none of the posts are really appropriate – this is the closest and no other traffic!