McCain is running a canny campaign

It looked in the beginning as if the McCain campaign group was doing nothing at all.  They were just dormant, though, ready to explode.  They came up with a series of great ads that highlighted the creepy personality cult building around Obama.  They timed the VP announcement perfectly to suck the air out of Obama’s rather pedestrian “big” speech.  And they got everyone in a tizzy (which also distracted from the Obama moment) by announcing their intention to air an exciting ad during the Democratic convention.  Clearly, everyone thought, McCain was going to horn in on Obama’s show and get nasty.  Instead, McCain took an exceptionally high road:

When John McCain promised a surprise TV campaign ad tonight responding to Barack Obama’s acceptance speech, most expected him to slam the Democrat – but the actual spot was surprisingly kind.

The McCain camp earlier today touted its decision to run a commercial during the Democratic convention featuring the Republican nominee addressing Obama directly through the camera.

“Suffice to say it’s going to be a very exciting ad, and I think it’s going to get a lot of attention,” McCain spokeswoman Jill Hazelbaker told MSNBC.

The media was gearing up for a blistering attack, but the soft-focus advert instead showed McCain praising Obama for a “job well done”.

“Too often the achievements of our opponents go unnoticed,” McCain said in the commercial, which will air tonight in Colorado and Iowa. “But I wanted to stop and say congratulations … tomorrow we’ll be back at it. But tonight, senator [Obama], job well done.”

You can see the ad here.

McCain and his crew immediately went back to campaign business as usual, but this act of graciousness was smart — especially when contrasted against the unusually nasty tone of Obama’s acceptance speech.

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  • Tiresias

    You can’t buy class.

  • Ellie2

    Agree. When the McCain Campaign started mocking the “Obamessiah” iconography – seen in the language “We are the One”, in the images — all thoses halos! — and the swooning of the masses, the scales fell off the eyes of many.

    Also, the timing of major camapign events has been masterful and their ability to control leaks amazing.

    I happened to be home and turned on CNN when the announcement was imminent and the name had finally leaked out: the commentator said “Well, they really got us good, didn’t they?” They were totally unprepared. So, neither the talking heads nor the Omaba campaign had any ammunition whatsoever to hurl at the nominee, prior to her introduction. Wonderful to behold.

    “Change you can believe in” just took on a whole new meaning! Sometimes taking a chance on a rookie can be a franchise altering event …

  • Ozzie

    So, neither the talking heads nor the Omaba campaign had any ammunition whatsoever to hurl at the nominee, prior to her introduction. Wonderful to behold.- Ellie

    Yeah. As first I thought her support to Pat Buchanan would hurt her, but I dont think most Conservatives care that she supported old Pat back in 2000.

    And I’ve seen interviews where she discussed ways she’s a longshot for being VP and others where she asked what the heck a VP does all day long, which I think will be used against her, (as will sound bites of a painful interview re: Iraq) but she’s exactly what the base craves.

    I’m not sure I call it “wonderful” or deem it a case of “putting country first,” but it sure is fascinating.

    Just when I think the politics can’t get any crazier, both parties outdo themselves to prove me wrong.