The wrong video

As I noted in my post about Obama’s acceptance speech, even my husband was put off by the pre-speech video, which he found artificial, pretentious and uninspiring.  Turns out his instincts were good, because they showed the wrong video.  This was the one they meant to show:

Hat tip: Hot Air

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  • Ymarsakar

    They got too serious at the end and didn’t use Obama’s funniest gafes and clips.

  • blewmoon

    I happened upon this looking for books. What a surprise to find a site so focused, no room for discussion here…won’t return.

  • Ozzie

    Ha! Gotta LOVE the Daily Show. They consistently get it right.

  • suek

    I don’t do the videos – no sound working makes them pretty meaningless – but this is supposed to give a good idea of Palin’s debating skills. It’s about an hour long, so more for reference than leisurely viewing. Looks like the site may be interesting as well..

  • Zhombre

    From the NY Times:

    In choosing Sarah Palin and bidding for Clinton supporters, John McCain risked undercutting his case against Barack Obama.

    Translation for the non-NYT-addled:

    In attacking Sarah Palin as McCain’s VP choice, Barack Obama risks further alienating Clinton supporters and pointing out his own slim credentials for the office he seeks.

  • suek

    Here’s an interesting item. Life is certainly getting interesting!