Results in from the Watcher’s Council

The Watchers’ votes have been counted and the results are in.*  Again, there’s a slight summer slump, with fewer nominations and even fewer votes, but we expect that to resolve itself soon.  By the way, there is an opening at the Watcher’s Council.  If you’re interested, read the rules here and submit yourself for consideration.  And whether or not you’re interested, enjoy these winning reads.


1. The Razor – Russia – The New Cold War Winner with 2 1/3 votes

2. Wolf Howling – What Does Joe Biden Offer To Obama? 2 votes

3. Soccer Dad – Charm city charm offensive 1 2/3 votes

4. Bookworm Room – The AP shows surprising honesty when it comes to Joe Biden 1 vote


1. Michael Totten/Middle East Journal – The Truth About Russia In Georgia Winner with 2 1/3 votes

2. Seraphic Secret – The Terrorist is Still Dead 2 votes

3. Kirby Mountain – Puttin’ the Boone (Pickens) in Boondoggle 1 1/3 votes

4. (Tie) Paragraph Farmer – Remaking Grease in Denver 2/3 votes

4. (Tie) Pajamas Media/Belmont Club – Unity 2/3 votes

4. (Tie) Olympics Blog – You’re Not Supposed to See This 2/3 votes

5. Powerline Blog – Energy Policy For The Ignorant 1/3 vote

*I’m not yet suggesting that you bookmark the Watcher’s new site — although you can see it in all it’s glory, here. The domain name may still change so, until it’s stabilized, you may as well hold off on making it a permanent link (assuming you were planning on doing so).