As I said yesterday, I don’t believe McCain was grandstanding when he decided to stop campaigning for a couple of days in order to help resolve America’s current financial problem.  To me, it was a “country first” thing, with McCain putting the country ahead of his personal ambition.

It turns out that his country does indeed need him.  Paulson begged McCain to help out, because he’s the only truly bipartisan guy out there.  No one begged Obama for this kind of help.

John McCain – Leadership

Barack Obama – Partisanship

John McCain – Country First

Barack Obama – Obama First

John McCain – Serves the people of the US

Barack Obama – His favorite debating opponent is an empty chair

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  • Huan

    Zogby now has McCain up by 2 as opposed to down by 3 last week.
    Gallup now has McCain even with Obama after being down by 6 last week.

    Are these response to
    McCain’s leadership/political maneuver?
    Uncertainty with Obama?

    Regardless, it suggests that there is room for McCain to maneuver when it comes to the economy.

  • Ymarsakar

    These polls are pretty useless.

    What’s useful is when you break it down by demographics, sex, and various other factors. Specific phrasing and rephrases of the same question are also critical in isolating direct movements of public opinion.

    However, much of this analysis done internally and not released to the MSM. Only the hard data, and sometimes not even that, gets leaked to the media.

  • Ymarsakar

    I just checked and there seems to be a fee for the raw data. That makes sense since the “raw data” is 95% of the value of any poll. The generalization 50% vs 50% is worth like zilch.