Maverick McCain

IBD, in yet another of its stellar editorials, reminds us that Barack may talk about “change,” but that it’s McCain who is the real maverick, a man who repeatedly breaks away from the status quo, especially when he thinks he is called upon to do so by the nation he loves.

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  • Mike Devx

    Earlier today a report:

    When McCain announced he was coming to Washington, it set off a chaotic flurry of negotiations and activity among the Democrats, trying to reach a deal before McCain arrived, to ensure that he could get no credit.

    Just heard on a news break on the radio:

    In the meeting in the White House this afternoon between President Bush, Paulson, Congressional leaders, and candidates McCain and Obama, the Democrats elected to let Obama lead their contingent. He failed, as they degenerated into shouting and confusion.

    He failed – but what else is new!?!? He talks a great talk, but he’ll never walk the walk. Pray for America.

    (But I forget myself – it is McCain who is playing politics with an important issue, as we hear all the Democrats say in interviews all day today, speaking like robots programmed with the same one-sentence talking points. Meanwhile McCain is playing an unknown game: Is he supporting the genuine conservatives in the House who are the only ones attempting to fight for conservative solutions, or is he going to thwart them, preferring instead a Gang-of-14 style bipartisan deal?)

    Either way, McCain came to Washington with a real purpose in mind, to contribute to the deal he wants to see. Obama came to Washington pulled along in McCain’s backwash flow, and *he* came solely to fail.

    From Wednesday:
    But Democratic leaders, who said they hope to approve the bailout plan by the end of the week, were having their own trouble rallying the rank and file. House Democrats summoned to a lunchtime meeting to discuss the proposal yesterday received a glossary of financial terms, such as “credit default swap” and “illiquid assets.”

    Gee, they’ve got a glossary. Won’t that help you sleep better tonight? On Wednesday. A week after the crisis began to blow up. They’re awfully good at corruption, but not at all good at this huge market sector they want to take over and control. I myself knew the meaning of none of those terms and I spent hours and hours digging and trying to understand, days earlier than they did. They waited a WEEK during this crisis for someone in authority to present them with… a glossary. But that’s the difference between a conservative who believes in individual liberty, freedom, and responsibility; and a liberal that waits for someone else to take care of them, isn’t it?