Special people

One of the things special needs children remind us is that their parents are also special people, who either have innately or who develop extraordinary reserves of love, patience and humanity:

Also, here’s a video of Paul Smith, that typewriter artist I told you about earlier (and, BTW, the broken links referenced in that earlier post are fixed):

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  • Deana

    I spend so much time in hospitals now due to work and school and I have to say that one of the hardest areas of nursing is peds. That is why I don’t do it. I can’t. The kids just break your heart.

    But when I’ve had to do it, I’ve always come away with new respect for the parents of these children. Those who choose to become involved learn how to take care of their kids inspite of the wires and tubes and alarms and restrictions and so forth.

    It just amazes me, every single time.


  • Mike

    Thank you very much BW. I saved the site to favorites so it can be viewed at my leisure. http://www.paulsmithfoundation.org/index.html
    “Semper Fi”