Friends of Obama

We all recognize that, as to the average American, Obama’s friendship with Bill Ayers is a big yawn.  Who cares that, as Obama said, Ayers bombed when Obama was 8?  Who cares, as Obama refuses to admit, that Ayers has never repented and, indeed, wishes he’d done more?  Who cares that Obama’s friend Ayers has replaced the vulgar bomb with more sophisticated intellectual infiltration in our school system, aimed at passing on the same radical agenda he once tried to move forward with bombs?  Well, as to that last one, people should start caring.  You see, the radical agenda Ayers envisions (and has always envisioned) is also one that readily contemplates the death of up to 25 million Americans in “reeducation” camps.  And those aren’t my words.  Those are his (and his friends).

So do Obama’s friends matter?  Yes, not because of their pasts, but because of their “presents”, and the plans they have for your future.

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  • suek

    Suppose Ayers had been guilty of bombing abortion clinics when Obama was just 8 ….Think the Libs would still find it a yawner??

  • Tiresias

    To the average American anything not happening eight inches in front of his nose is a big yawn. After the depradations of the educational system these last thirty years, the average American is very nearly a moron. He knows not how to think, read, or reason therefrom; he knows nothing about history, ancient or recent (and has never learned to care, or why it’s important); and he is just about competent to locate his own ass with both hands.

    Were the “average American” otherwise, the democrat party would not exist as a viable organization.

  • suek

    Now Tiresias….

    You’re being just a bit cynical…!

    Cheer up. Wait till after the elections.

    _Then_ – if Obama wins – you can be all the cynical you want and I’ll “ditto” you all day!

  • pondering penguin

    I read this as I drank my coffee this morning and it is quite the eye-opener. With Jewish blood from my paternal grandfather in my genetic makeup, I’m a little sensitive to the whole ‘elimination’ idea being pursued there.

    With these 3200 professors signing on to a letter in support of Ayers, some are being interviewed in the media. This morning one from N.Y. was interviewed on Fox. This guy said Ayers isn’t ‘really’ a terrorist. He didn’t condone his actions as a young man but didn’t think it was anything to be concerned about today, either. If I hadn’t heard the whole exchange with my own ears I would have not thought such nonsense and blind support possible by a thinking individual.

  • suek

    I think this has been linked here somewhere, but I’ve looked at enough stuff today that I’ve forgotten…

  • expat


    I saw a link at Jawa Report. I bet Kennedy fans would love to learn that Ayers dedicated a book to Sirhan Sirhan. Someone should EMail Caroline.

  • Mike Devx

    Ah, expat, there you go being logical. We are talking about *liberals* here!

    Let me describe how that was handled:

    Caroline K: Senator Obama, I heard that your good friend and political ally, William Ayers, wrote a book that he dedicated to Sirhan Sirhan.

    Obama: Yes, Caroline, that is true. Do you like my halo?

    Caroline: Yes, yes (distractedly), and it glints very well off the highlights on your $2,500 suits and $1,200 Italian loafers. But… but… Obama…

    Obama: Caroline, what is it?

    Caroline: You *do* know that Sirhan Sirhan assassinated Bobby?

    Obama (suddenly morphing into lawyer-man!):
    Uh, uh, oh, uh, yes, Caroline, I uh, uh, yes that’s true. It’s well known, in fact. But Sirhan Sirhan was just a guy in our country when I was eight years old. And William Ayers may have dedicated a book to him that Ayers wrote, but that does not necessarily imply that any connection that may have been present meant anything further than, you know, that there was a possibility of any further connection. 95%! Did I mention 95%?

    Caroline, eyes shining: “Oh, Mr. Hopey Changey, you are soooooo wonderful! My love and faith is restored!”

    Obama: “Err, Caroline. That book that Ayers wrote, with the Sirhan Sirhan dedication? It wasn’t named ‘Dreams From My Father’, was it?

    Caroline: No. Why?

    Obama: Whew. Nothing. 95%! Did I mention 95% yet?

  • Bookworm

    Mike, that would be screamingly funny if it weren’t for the whiff of truth hanging about it.

  • expat

    Mike, Thanks for reminding me that I need to disconnect my logic synapses whenI think about Obama mania. Old habits are hard to break.

  • Tiresias

    As I said…

  • Democracy First

    I don’t think Caroline reads.

    Her father was totally against Communism. Her father was the total opposite of Obama. I suspect she will never apologize to the American people for her mistake.

  • Democracy First

    Doesn’t anyone find suspect that when Obama was confronted with Ayers first in a debate, I think it was Tim Russert who confronted him, Obama immediately knew how old he was when the bombings occurred. Obama looked extremely angry with he was confronted. When commentators state how cool and reasoned Obama is, it is obvious they never watched the primary debates. In “Dreams from My Father,” Obama talks about members of his family who have reinvented themselves. Following Obama’s speech excerpts and Oprah’s really scary. How can the media give a pass on a self-styled Messiah. A religious fruitcake belongs in an insane asylum. Its the last thing we need in the White House. We have already suffered for eight from the cocaine delusions of Bush Admission of cocaine use should automatically disqualify anyone from the Presidency. Do we want someone who is a religious zealot (a religion nobody has yet to decipher) to have his hand on the nuclear trigger in a cocaine hallucination to totally destroy the world. Talk about the end of the earth destroyed by fire.

    If anyone actually read “Dreams” they would discover that Obama likens himself to a Communist peddling newspapers like members of the Nation of Islam (Farrukhan’s cult that has nothing to do with Islam) in the preface or introduction and later in the book. Also, everyone he admires is a Communist. According to Dysan, even Martin Luther King, Jr. preached proletariat ownership of the means of production. W.E.B. DuBois advocated total rule of the U.S. from Africa! I case noone has looked at Post Colonial Aftrica, iparts are a mess of starvation and tribal genocide.

    Read the books Jeremiah Wright advises by James Cone, and Hopkins.

    Why does no one talk about Obama campaigning for his first cousin Raila Odinga. They had the same grandfather according to a biography on Odinga. Odinga is a Communist educated in East Germany. Even in “Dreams” Obama acknowledges that Odinga is a Communist. Odinga has pledged to rule as a dictator and promised to replace all courts in Kenya with Islamic sharia law. Odinga incited members of the Luo tribe, the same tribe as Obama’s father from whom Obama receives his inspiration, to burn the Kikuyu Christians while they were in their churches as recently as this January. The least one could conclude is that Obama has very poor judgment. As well he broke the law by campaigning in a foreign country. I see him as a totally delusion religious fruitcake who has been called the Saviour of the World so many times by Farrukhan that Obama really believes in his “divine” calling. Unfortunately, because of the lack of investigate nature of the current pressmaybe they are afraid that Tim Russert was assassinated by Obama’s handlers–Obama is poised to be commander in chief of our armed forces. Obama also wants to form a citizen militia which will be even more powerful than our armed forces. What is he planning for our already existent and above the law private contractors who have offered themselves to “patrol the borders”. Can’t anyone foresee the invasion of innumerable hordes of illegal aliens welcomed by a President Obama to subdue all the present U.S. citizens?

    Look at history. Muslims won the Crusades. Islam was spread by the sword and is enforced by the sword in Islamic nations. Under Islam all women are treated by Islamic Law as subhuman slaves.