Friends of Obama

We all recognize that, as to the average American, Obama’s friendship with Bill Ayers is a big yawn.  Who cares that, as Obama said, Ayers bombed when Obama was 8?  Who cares, as Obama refuses to admit, that Ayers has never repented and, indeed, wishes he’d done more?  Who cares that Obama’s friend Ayers has replaced the vulgar bomb with more sophisticated intellectual infiltration in our school system, aimed at passing on the same radical agenda he once tried to move forward with bombs?  Well, as to that last one, people should start caring.  You see, the radical agenda Ayers envisions (and has always envisioned) is also one that readily contemplates the death of up to 25 million Americans in “reeducation” camps.  And those aren’t my words.  Those are his (and his friends).

So do Obama’s friends matter?  Yes, not because of their pasts, but because of their “presents”, and the plans they have for your future.