Dead men talking *UPDATED*

These men aren’t dead yet, but they will be if they’re ever released back to Hamas’ TLC.  The men of whom I speak are Gazans whom Israel captured during the recent Gaza incursion, and who have spilled the beans about Hamas’ myriad war crimes and financial defalcations — all of which consistently starve, murder, and make targets of the Palestinian people:

Nuaf Atar spoke about the use of Gazan schools to shoot rockets at Israel. Zabhi Atar revealed that Hamas used food coupons to entice Palestinians to join its ranks and Hamad Zalah said Hamas took control of UNRWA food supplies transferred to Gaza and refused to distribute them to people affiliated with Fatah.

These are three examples of testimony from Hamas and Islamic Jihad men who were captured by the IDF during Operation Cast Lead. Details of their interrogations have been released for publication by the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency).


Nuaf Atar, 25, lives in Atatra, in the northwest Gaza Strip, and was captured by paratroopers on January 11. In his interrogation by the Shin Bet, Atar said Hamas government officials “took over” humanitarian aid Israel allowed in to the Strip and sold it, when it is supposed to be distributed for free.

Hamas set up rocket launchers and fired rockets into Israel from within school compounds since the operatives knew that the Israel Air Force would not bomb the schools, he said.

Palestinians who opposed Hamas’s use of their land and homes as launch pads were shot in the legs, Atar added.


Hamad Zalah, 29, is also a resident of Jabalya and was captured by the IDF on January 12. During his interrogation, he revealed that together with his brother, he was tortured by Hamas at a headquarters in Jabalya for his affiliation with Fatah and his intention to light a memorial candle for Yasser Arafat.

He said that he was whipped and beaten with electrical cords. In 2007, Hamas operatives shot and killed his brother, who was a security guard at the home of a Palestinian Authority official in Gaza.

Since June 2007, when Hamas took over Gaza, the terror group, Zalah said, also took control of all humanitarian aid sent into the Strip and refused to distribute it to Palestinians affiliated with Fatah.

You can read the rest of this illuminating inside look into Hamas rule here.  Then, if you’re truly disgusted, you’ll probably get some savage joy out of watching this video (h/t American Thinker):

UPDATE:  For those of you who arrived to late to see this video, the only possible violation could have been that it offended Muslim sensibilities.  It should a Hamas man firing a mortar at 6 second intervals, with every firing preceded by an off-camera man crying “Allah Akbar.”  At about the 7th round, something happened, and fireball fills the screen, at which point the video cuts off.  No blood; just a martyr on his way to meet the virgins.

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  • Ymarsakar

    Allah obviously got pretty pissed at this group of people that kept calling out his name.

  • Zhombre

    A Palestinean state is a blood-chimera, Fatah and Hamas are thugs, UN and Western liberal support for Palestine is a farce. I don’t know when the fog lifts and we this inverted world clearly. Obviously it won’t happen during an Obama Administration.

  • Ymarsakar

    Hamas vs PLO is exactly the same as Castro vs Leftist intellectuals and Khomeini vs the useful idiots of the Left in Iran.

    It always happens in the same way. A New Marxist, that is more Marxist than the old Marxist, comes to power by killing or imprisoning the old Marxist.

  • Earl

    I suppose that a “terms of use violation”, the ostensible reason that the video has been removed from You-Tube, REALLY means something like “The local Islamists got P.O.ed about this one, and WE don’t want to get shot in the legs.”

    Not that I blame those who are threatened, really. I’d just like to know that’s really it, and not something along the lines of “We don’t think it advances the program to show really wicked people who murder Jews getting their karmic rewards.”

    Anyone know what really happened? Is there any way to find out? Did anyone download that video so it can be shown without reference to You-freaking-Tube?

  • suek

    Very long but worthwhile article on the topic by Dr Sanity today. Worth a read, if you have some spare minutes. Of course, she usually is…!

    But the youtube thing is a different issue…and one we need to be aware of. There’s a group that works on getting terrorist youtube submissions closed down – they’re trying to answer the terrorists’ internet aggression which is constantly aware of negative remarks concerning islam or muslims and uses every available tool to have such articles or film clips removed, while posting their terrorist propaganda all over the web. Since the articles are usually in arabic, there is less resistance and reportage of objectionable material, which results in them being able to plaster their propaganda everywhere, while they actively report and object to any contrary information in order to get it taken down. Very effective censorship on their part. And unfortunately, youtube and google seem to cooperate.

    You might search “liveleak” for that video…I know that at least one other time it carried one that youtube had removed for the same reason.

  • Ymarsakar

    Anyone know what really happened? Is there any way to find out?

    We tripped off the Islamic allies and they flooded the video with individual term violations which got the video flagged and taken off.

    They can’t answer the video, since it is too effective. I believe the video was originally captured by American forces, since you could see the camera wobble and then fall after the detonation of the mortar shell. American forces would have sweeped that area and recovered “stuff”.

    The terrorists have plenty of these video propaganda designed for both domestic and foreign consumption. But their allies here in the US, and that includes Jews that vote Democrat, cover for the particularly nasty videos. For example, CNN posted terrorists killing American troops and got that footage from AQ stringers.

  • Earl

    I guess I wonder if there is a way that YouTube and Google COULD, if they wished to, distinguish between the various “violations”…..and keep the stuff that is not genuinely a violation right up there despite the distaste in some quarters……

    My guess is that this could be done, and without a great deal of trouble, but that may not be fair. My ignorance in this field is vast – both wide and deep.