Results of the last Watcher’s vote

Where does the time go?  These results came out Friday, and I really meant to post them at my blog right away, but time just keep scooting along and I did nothing.  Better late than never, though, and these winners deserve their recognition:

Winning Council Submissions

Winning Non-Council Submissions

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  • Ymarsakar

    I think the Razor’s post contains a good point I don’t see mentioned much by conservatives or Republicans. Grassroots (aka insurgencies and counter-insurgencies) are incredibly important for democracies, whether you are attempting to stabilize a democracy (USA in Iraq) or whether you are attempting to destabilize a democracy (Fake libs in VIetnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, New Orleans, rest of America).

    THe other highlights, the newcomers, were also pretty good. Mere Rhetoric got it right. When Fake libs like Helen are trying to make arguments, they really are just emoting. Now you can do this with an edge or without an edge, politely or rudely, psychotically or sanely, but the fake libs don’t use arguments and they definitely don’t subscribe to the epistemology of logical consistency.

    The cannon fodder of the Left are the useful idiots. The 25% of the lowest quartile in human empathy and compassion, are people the Dems raise to positions of power and responsibility. This creates an interesting result. The higher echelons of Dem politics, like Dean and Obama, can make arguments but only to the extent that they think people will believe in those arguments not because they believe the arguments are true themselves. The cannon fodder of the Left, however, get this pseudo intellectualism by passing on the propaganda points of their leaders.

    Dean’s 50 state strategy, a strategy based around insurgency, was designed to network people at the bottom so that they could generate cells, self-motivated cells, utilizing the DNC’s funding. Can’t do much without funding, since funding is what creates the tools to organize.

    This mirrors the strategy of the US In Al Anbar. The Dems know how to fight and win wars, they just think their highest priority enemy are the Republicans. I hope you see how that goes.