This is one type of institution the recession should harm

I would love to see the recession cut America’s top universities, which have become intellectually polluted institutions that have nothing to do with education.  Heather MacDonald — in a larger article about how Yale, even as it tightens its belt panders more deeply to the LGBT community — sums up perfectly the expensive grievance culture for which parents pay when they send their kids to the nation’s premier schools:

If you’re tempted to ask why students require administration backing in order to form a “community,” [of LGBTQ students,] you don’t understand the codependent relationship between self-engrossed students and the adults whose career consists of catering to that self-involvement. Students in today’s university regularly act out little psychodramas of oppression before an appreciative audience of deans and provosts. The essence of those psychodramas is to force the university to recognize a student’s narrowly defined “identity” through ever more elaborate bureaucratic mechanisms. Rather than laugh the student players off the stage, the deans, provosts, and sundry other administrators willingly participate in their drama, intently negotiating with them and conferring additional benefits wherever possible.

UPDATE: Thanks, Earl, for the spelling correction. You’d think I’d know how to spell recession by know, but sometimes my brain just creates spelling chimeras.

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  • David Foster

    One of the things Alexis de Toqueville liked about America was specifically that people would form communities of interest without needing the involvement of a government official.

    I wonder if Trumpler has read Toqueville?

  • Earl

    Well, I’d be fired from a teaching position in most public schools, for repressing your “creative approach to spelling”, and putting you at risk of depressed self esteem.


  • Bookworm

    Heh, indeed! 😉

  • Charles Martel

    Hay! Eye yam a graduhate of a progressif eweniversity whair the abilluhty to spell is knot held in az hi a reguard az the abilluhty to theenk.

    Aye theenque that eye dew prettie well whin it cums to theenqueing. Aye thinque gud thots and eye yam kind to mye fallow man.

    Whut mor duz a persson knead?

  • Earl

    I certainly knead bread, for one thing…..

    I’d like to knead cinnamon rolls more often, too…….