These people actually take themselves seriously

Austin, Texas, is a great town.  It’s beautiful, the people are friendly, and it’s got one of the premier public universities in America.  It’s this last that is responsible for Austin’s reputation as the most politically liberal town in Texas.  This Progressive reputation goes a long way to explain the pompous idiocy of a letter The New Editor found while reading The Austin-American Statesman, the city’s daily paper.

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  • Ymarsakar

    Back in the age of kings, the King’s Court usually had a huge number of sycophants and those trying to curry favor with the Power, which would be the Crown.

    Austin, being a capital, pretty much stands on the same relationship as the royalty courts did.

  • George Bruce

    If you like Austin so much, the rest of Texas invites you to take it back to Berkeley with you.

  • Ymarsakar

    You have no conception of where the rest of Texas even is, George. I doubt your sentiments produce any more wisdom than the dog’s shenanigans at 3 am.

  • SGT Dave

    I like Austin; I just avoid the university area. Too many bad things in the area – panhandlers, public drunkenness, and muggings are higher than the rest of the city. Just like Columbia, MO, near where my parents live. Great city for the most part (nice restaurants, a good theater community, good shopping, great parks); just stay away from the university or you’ll get mugged or puked on.

    As to synchophants, we in the military have the same phenomena – we call it the “echo chamber” or the “good idea fairy”. It happens when a lot of people stop paying attention to what is going on at the sharp, pointy end and start falling in love with complicated plans, exotic schemes, and ways to get their next promotion by being a hero. Thank heavens I’ve been lucky enough to get a few really, really sharp officers to work for (if you’re reading, that’s you LTC WJB) that know what makes for good missions makes for good evals.

    Be well, all, and be happy. I’m looking forward to the weekend and spending most of tomorrow at RockFest in KC with my kids – they can’t wait for Rev Theory and Shinedown.

    SSG Dave
    “Tell my mother, tell my father, I’ve done the best I can…” – Shinedown, “Second Chance”

  • George Bruce

    You base that statement on what, Y? Your knowledge of where I live? You know what making unfounded assumptions makes of you.

    I will defer to your deep knowledge of early morning dog activities.

  • Ymarsakar

    Getting a little testy, are we, Bernhard-George?

  • Ymarsakar

    You know what making unfounded assumptions makes of you.

    All intellectuals or propagandists know. But you do not, and I do not think I will tell you, simply because you want me to. It’s too much of a bother.

  • Bookworm

    Okay, guys! You’ve both thrown your rocks, and I admire both of you for standing up for your principles, but please stop now. I don’t want this to get ugly, because then I’d have to start deleting comments, and I hate doing that.

  • expat

    That letter to the editor may have a point about a new type of communiction. Have we ever before had a POTUS serve as conduit between a TOTUS and the people?

  • George Bruce

    Well, alright, but Austin still sucks. 😉


    Obama’s response to N.Korea’s latest testing, by calling on the UN first, rather than sending our troops, is the difference between his administration and that of Chaney/Bush. Obama is a uniter, an organizer, a diplomat, and a courageous inventor of new means of communication.

    I don’t understand the connection between calling on the UN and equating that with being skilled at communications, etc. – unless there’s a connection between Texas/football and passing the ball to another player if you think you can’t make the 10 yard line on your own.