Sotomayor’s intellect

I don’t doubt that Sotomayor is smart.  What’s questionable is how smart.  To the liberals, her Ivy League degrees give her instant crediblity.  Let me quote from Ruth Marcus, along with the fisking I gave a few days ago on that particular point:

Ditto, with a bit of racism thrown in, the barely sourced and inadequately supported suggestion of Sotomayor as an intellectual lightweight. I find it awfully hard to reconcile that with graduating summa cum laude from Princeton.  [Sad to say, I can’t get excited about her graduating summa cum laude from Princeton.  For one thing, getting good grades in college is an entirely different skill set from being a quality legal analyst, a fact to which I can personally attest.  A legal brain is a rather unique thing.  If it’s allied to an intelligent person, that’s great, but not all intelligent people have good legal brains.  The other thing is that the Ivy Leagues and other top private colleges are renowned for grade inflation.  For one thing, since parents are paying through the nose for the privilege of their children attending these schools, the schools want to give bang for the buck, with bang translating, not as a good education, but simply as good grades.  Also, teachers are afraid to give minorities bad grades.  When it comes to these schools, the product is so cheapend, anyone with sense takes its reports with a grain of salt.]

Turns out my instincts were probably right on the money regarding Sotomayor’s preferential treatment, at least during her time at Princeton.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:  Liberals are the most racist people in the world.  They believe minorities are incapable of work and that they lack intelligence.  Every one of their programs is intended to confirm in the liberal’s mind his own racial beneficence, while ensuring that, over the long run, the bulk of those “beloved” minorities are never able to get ahead.