• Bill Smith

    I’m considering some orthopedic surgery, and have been torn between choosing a Latina Radiologist to read my X-rays, and a white guy.

    Which one should I choose?

  • suek

    Well…you’re not female, so you should choose the guy. Unless you’re Latino. Then of course, the gender takes precedence. You’re undoubtedly macho, so she’ll tell you what you want to hear.

  • Charles Martel

    Everybody knows that Latin skin is warmer, and more nurturing and accepting of X-rays, while white skin tends to oppress them or prevent them from attaining their goals.

    If you’re white, a white radiologist knows how to whisper the right stuff to white skin and coax it into letting the X-rays do their jobs—kind of like a savvy floor steward does in a UAW shop. A Latina radiologist simply would not be able to handle the emotional stress of dealing with a skin color that has a completely different background, culture and set of experiences than her own.

  • suek

    >>Then of course, the gender takes precedence.>>

    Oh blagh! Should be “Then of course, the “race” takes precedence.”

    Although I really have a problem with hispanic, latino etc being considered “race”. To me, “race” in humans equates to “breeds” in animals, and requires a higher coefficient of homozygosity due to closer breeding than in the general population. I don’t think hispanic or latino fits that description.

    However, never let a little thing like facts get in the way of a perfectly good insult.

  • Charles Martel

    Years ago I remember watching some earnest PBS type ask a young black Puerto Rican man if he identified with blacks. The kid said, “What do you mean? I’m Puerto Rican. That’s what I identify with.”

    The PBS guy was genuinely befuddled. Here was a black kid who had not only left the plantation but didn’t even believe it exists. How dare he let his culture pre-empt his oh-so-important skin color!

    I bring this up because I agree, suek, that “Hispanic” and “Latino” are racist terms because they totally ignore the vast ethnic range that the terms really embrace—everything from pasty white Galicians to black Puerto Ricans to olive-complected Argentinians to brown Guatemalans to pink Mexicans whose ancestors came from Germany.

    That’s where the left is so lost. It thinks that skin color alone provides identity and authenticity when it’s really your culture that gives you those things. Of course the fact that some cultures are clearly superior to others is the one fact that racists on the left do everything in their power to not be disseminated.

  • suek