Can (and should) the Republican Party be saved

     I lied a bit when I said I’d taken a break from blogging.  At Bookworm’s urging I did write one American Thinker piece with ideas on how to turn around the image of the Republican Party.   And, boy does the old GOP need an image make-over.  As Bookworm likes to say, the problem is in the branding.  I’m a good example.  I’ve been a Republican for 30 years and I’m still uncomfortable saying so.   It’s almost something I feel I have to apologize for or justify.

     So, the first question is, can the image of the Republican Party be restored, so that Republicans can be proud to be  Republicans?  What concrete steps should be taken to accomplish this?  Keep in mind the Republican Party has been the minority party for most of our lifetimes.  How can such a long-sailing ship be turned around?

     The next question is, if you think the Republican Party cannot (or should not) be saved, what do you believe will replace it?  What do you want to replace it?  What concrete steps should be taken to accomplish this?  Keep in mind, there hasn’t been a successful new party in the United States in 150 years.  How could one be created now?

     I’m looking for very practical suggestions here.  Somehow we need to present an image, either of the Republican Party or of a new party, that can compete with the Democrats’ image of a caring, compassionate, warm heart.  I’m not asking how we tear down the Democrats.  I’m sure we’ve got lots of ideas on that (and maybe I’ll ask for those later in this vacation).  But, for now, how do we build up an alternative?  As always, I look forward eagerly to your ideas and thank you for them.

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  • Ymarsakar

    Think that’s what the 2nd Amendment had in mind? (unless the government knows because _everybody_ owns guns)

    I’m not for a draft, universal or selective. I’m for universal and mandatory gun training. They don’t have to own a handgun, they can be provided one, by taxpayer money.

    That’s a boondoggle. But it’s a good pork project, people. It will help everyone, not just the porkies in one geographic locale.

    It’s something the Republicans can say “we want to spend money on” as well as “this is a government solution we can back”.

  • Ymarsakar

    It’s time we dispelled the myth about firearms. The Left has used this to good effect against hard working honest citizens for decades now. It’s time to break the Democrat power base on this score.

    This is not about compromise. This is psychological warfare. You don’t compromise with the enemy in this situation.