Obama, the Dear Leader, readying himself to mold young minds without their parents as intermediaries *UPDATED*

My children, despite having one liberal parent and one conservative one, have come down firmly and absolutely on the side of conservatism.  They loath Obama.  Thank God, too, because Obama is going to use the power of the federal government to speak directly to America’s children, bypassing their parents as gatekeepers and intermediaries.  It’s not Obama’s speech that actually worries me.  If most kids are like mine, they’ll tune him out in about 3 minutes.  Nope.  The problem is the way in which schools are being encouraged to use that speech.  [I’ve removed the text from this post, since it’s messing with my site’s formatting.  You can still see it at the link, above.]

I find it unnerving that the teachers, the ones whom the students know and trust, and whose guidance they follow, are being told to educate the little darlings about Barack himself (not just presidents generally), to encourage the students to accept Obama’s words as important, to make the children believe that Obama is telling them to do something, and telling them to “help” the President. My feelings about this are true regardless of whether Obama slips in health care talk or is just using his bully pulpit to encourage children to work hard and do well in school.

To his credit, Obama has been remarkably consistent in supporting education and in telling children, especially black children, that education matters. That does not mean, however, that America’s children, who are a captive audience, should be forced, not only to listen to, but to act upon his speech. That’s an ugly precedent, and one that takes on a Dear Leader quality that is not only frightening, but strikingly un-American.

UPDATEMelissa Clouthier neatly explains why conservatives are worried about what is a seemingly innocuous “howdy” from the President.  Others with good posts are Noisy Room and Michelle Malkin.

UPDATE IIKim Priestap weighs in too.

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  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com/ Ymarsakar

    It may be un-American but it is perfectly consistent with Democrat culture and white privilege.

    Btw, Putin has a Youth Program as well, that highlights young and beautiful girls to promote marriage and family. Putin has his own cult amongst the young, those who liked it when Putin enlarged Russian military might and patriotic zeal (which apparently includes throwing disagreeing reporters off 3 story apartments).

    That’s the result of a Youth Brigade, Book. It breaks down the circles of trust in a community, by appropriating one class, the young, against another class. Rich against poor. Blacks against whites. People in Georgia vs People in Separatist Georgia.

  • Charles Martel

    To his credit, Obama has been remarkably consistent in supporting education and in telling children, especially black children, that education matters.”

    But what kind of education? One like his, that has produced an aliterate, ignorant, inarticulate (sans TOTUS) Marxist? That’s wishing a world of woe on someone.


    The indoctrination has begun.

    Where or when does it ask the students:

    How do I separate what seems real from Saturday morning cartoons?
    Should I believe everything I see and hear?
    How do I listen vs hearing? And what is the difference?
    What does a dissenting voice mean? Can mine by heard?
    Will I fail this class if I do not agree with everything?
    Will I be bullied by classmates and teachers if I don’t agree with everything?

    Whatever happened to the back to school composition:

    How I spent my summer vacation.

    (and wouldn’t I like to be a fly on the wall, when the kid answers – at a Tea Party)

  • http://photoncourier.blogspot.com David Foster

    “telling children that education matters”…to the extent that he’s reinforcing the value of study and knowledge acquisition, that’s a *good* thing. To the extent he’s reinforcing the belief that a college degree is a piece of paper with magical qualities, irrespective of what has been studied or how well it’s been studied, that’s a *bad* thing.

  • Zhombre

    Absurd. The audacity of ego.

    If Reagan, or either Bush, or Clinton had tried this stunt any of them would have been subject to ridicule and indignation. Who does this pretentious ass think he is? What next? Barack & Michele coloring books for pre-schoolers?



    coloring books for pre-schoolers – LOVED IT!

    What color is:
    change and the
    U.S. Dept. of Education

    Maybe a box of crayolas in ‘murky’ should do it.

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  • Quisp

    You mean you don’t have yours already?

    Barack Obama Activity and Coloring Book

    Barack Obama Activity And Coloring book is a 52 page completely customized drawn high quality activity and coloring book. This book is packed with fun puzzles including, word search, word scramble, dot to dot, color by number, complete the picture, seek and find and many more. It also includes paper doll cutouts, Obama Money cutouts and finger puppet cutouts. Most importantly this book includes pages of information on President Obama, The First Lady and Vice President Biden, which makes it a great learning tool. Barack Obama Activity And Coloring Book is fun for the entire family!


    No coloring book for me, I am into gardening.


  • Oldflyer

    If I had a school age child, that child would be absent on 9/8/09.

    It is absolutely chilling that these “suggestions” (instructions) are going out from Washington DC to local school systems.

    I hope that parents will have something to say if their local schools follow the guidelines.

    Indoctrinate the children. Develop a cult of personality. Control talk radio. Stifle the internet (due to an emgency of course). Then . . . .


    Oh goodie, there’s more out there. No need to restrict the kids to coloring and gardening.

    Barack Obama Word Find

    Can you find all these words associated with Barack Obama? Vocabulary words used in the puzzle:
    African, American, author, Barack, Biden, change, Chicago, Columbia, democrat, Dunham, election, economy, Granny, Harvard, Hawaii, Honolulu, hope, Hussein, Illinois, Indonesia, Jakarta, Joe, Kenya, law, lawyer, Malia, Michelle, oath, Obama, Occidental, politician, professor, Punahou, Sasha, Senator, stimulus, victory, vote, war

    Gee, wonder if anyone would care to add to the list?

  • suek

    …add to the list…

    Dear Leader…?

    Remember all those images of Saddam when the military entered Iraq?

    And what happened to them….

  • Charles Martel

    (Echoing SADIE:)

    Children, your education takes place outside of the classroom, too. That’s why when you go home tonight I want you to help your parents appreciate the good education I am trying to bring you.

    To do that, you have to learn how much your parents know about me. So, look for this:

    —What emotions are on your father’s face when you mention my name? Your mother’s?

    —If you don’t have a father, or have two fathers or two mothers, what are the looks on your parent/parents/caregivers/guardians/probation officers’ faces when he/she/they hear my name?

    —How would you describe those emotions? Happy? Sad? Angry? If it’s sad or angry, make a note to tell your teacher. It isn’t good for grown-ups to not like the President as much as you children like me. This is a great chance for you to help us identify grumpy or depressed adults so I can make them stop!

    —In case of emergency, acquaint yourself with your parent/guadian/caregiver’s important household records. Look on his/her/their computer for files that say “Taxes,” “Investments,” “Tax Shelters,” “Political Contributions,” “GOP,” “National Rifle Association,” “Rush Limbaugh” or “Health Savings Accounts.” Bring those to your teacher for backup and safekeeping if there’s ever an emergency in your neighborhood, such as a riot by old white people.

    Well, my time is up. Back to readin’ and writin’! But before I go, I’d like to give you all a souvenir: a President Obama T-shirt. It not only has our national colors, red, white and blue, I’ve made sure the background color is brown to reflect what our nation’s skin color will be by 2050.

    Bye, bye!

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    Charles Martel

    ROTFLMAO! such as a riot by old white people


    If I had a school age child, that child would be absent on 9/8/09

    If I had a school age child, that child would be HOME SCHOOLED starting 9/8/09.

  • rockdalian

    Oldflyer and SADIE,

    The idea is spreading.

    Keep your kids home September 8th


    H/T Instapundit

  • gpc31

    I’m pulling my 8 yr old.

    BTW, the superintendent of our school sent out multiple emails heralding Obama’s inauguration as historic and educational. The kids did nothing that day except watch the swearing in, the speeches, and the breathless chatter of the msm. I asked him how many other inaugurations had been covered like that? And would he do the same for our first Jewish president? Our first female? Our first Finnish-American? No answer.

  • Danny Lemieux

    My recommendation is have the kids go to school and then explain to them what was going on. My kids grew up in Chicago – we taught them to be streetwise to what politicians here were up to at an early age.

    My guess is that it will totally backfire. Kids figure things out pretty fast but it will be harder if the conservative parents’ kids aren’t there to help explain things.

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  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com/ Ymarsakar

    I agree with Book and Danny. Conservatives won’t get ahead on the info war by boycotting or setting up a division/line in the sand. Retreat is not the way to win a war. Aggressive attacks and relentless training, however, is.

  • Zhombre

    From The Barack and Michele OBAMA Coloring Book:

    “This is Rahm. Rahm is Barack’s Chief of Staff. Chief of Staff is a VERY important job. Rahm has to see that things get done. Sometimes things don’t get done the way they are supposed to and Rahm gets very angry. That is why he is stabbing the table with a knife and shouting at people. Color Rahm angry red.”

    “This is Bill. He teaches English and used to be Barack and Michele’s neighbor in Chicago. Barack and Bill have been friends a very long time. Some people say he helped Barack write his books but that is something people who don’t like Barack made up to be mean. Bill is a very respected teacher. Here he is visiting Venezuela to help the teachers. Color Bill red too. He’s not angry like Rahm but he’s red in a different way that you will learn about later in school.”

    “This is Air Force One, the President’s plane, flying over the Statue of Liberty in New York City. People got very scared when this happened because it reminded them of something bad that happened before Barack was President, but there was really nothing to be scared about. It was all a misunderstanding.”



    Excellent. A 21st century version of Dick and Jane.