Never forget — September 11, 2001 (Kept at top; scroll down for newer posts) *UPDATED 9/8/11*


The current administration seems bound and determined to forget 9/11.  To this end, it grovels before those who wish to kill us, disarms those who wish to protect us (our military, our CIA), frees those who have raised their hands against us, and tries to turn 9/11 into a socialist worker’s holiday.  That may be the current administration, but that’s not me.  I will never forget those who died that day, nor will I ever forgive either the people or the ideology that gave rise to the attack.  With the government as it is now, we must, more vigilantly than ever before, remember that we are vulnerable if we let our guard down.

If you scroll down, you’ll see the three posts I did in memory of three who died that day (here, here and here).

Others in the blogosphere are posting too.  The most comprehensive collection of links to posts about those who died on 9/11 is at the 2996 Project.  I’ve also collected here a few posts from just a few of my blog friends.  If you’ve done 9/11 post, please feel free to leave a link in the comments.  (And if you left a link in another comment section, please feel free to repost that link here.)

Tribute to Matthew Lancelot Ryan at Blackfive

Tribute to Marc Shulman at Noisy Room

Tribute to Kevin Francis Conroy at Radio Patriot

9/11, Eight years on, by the Anchoress

9/11, Remembrance and Prayers, by the Anchoress

It’s 9/11.  Patriot’s Day.  A Day of Remembering. — by Some Soldier’s Mom

Never Forget — September 11, 2001 . . . Rick Rescorla, at Pierre LeGrand’s Pink Flamingo Bar

Never Forget — Eight Years Later, by Lorie Byrd at Wiz Bang

9/11: For those there for us then to now, by Bruce Kesler, at Maggie’s Farm

Tribute to Ezra Aviles, at March Hare’s House

The Missing, at American Digest

Of a Fire in a Field and a Hole in the Sky, at American Digest

A Tribute to Shreyas Ranganath at Thought You’d Never Ask

A Tribute to Lee Adler at Right Truth

America Attacked 9-11

9/11 plus eight years, by Photon Courier

Benning’s Tribute to the Victims of 9/11

9-11 — the Injustice Still Grates, by Melissa Clouthier

9-11 (the true face of evil), at Atlas Shrugs

September 11, 2001 — my story, at Brutally Honest

The Anniversary and things remembered, by Locutisprime

Project 2996 — Remembering the lost of 9/11, at Hot Air

Project 2,996 — Honoring John J. Chada, by Michelle Malkin

9/11:  Eight Years Ago Today, at Stop the ACLU

Don Surber has collected links

United Flight 93 Hijacked, Crashes in Pennsylvania — 9/11/01, by Marooned in Marin

The end logic of terror, written on 9/12/01 by the late Michael Kelly (h/t Soccer Dad)

Do you remember 9-11? by Noisy Room

And a look at an alternative universe by Tom Elia

What I Saw: Notes Made on September 11, 2001 from Brooklyn Heights, at American Digest

Eight years later, by Soccer Dad

Eight years on, by Mark Steyn

Betraying our dead, by Ralph Peters

Remembering 9/11:  A view from the heartland, by Ed Morrissey

Remembering 9/11:  United 93, by Ed Morrissey

Never forget, by Conservative Liberal

More to follow as the day goes by….

UPDATED (9/8/11):  Thank you for stopping by.  My current post on 9/11 (“Honoring 9/11 by remembering that we are warriors”) is here.

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  • zabrina
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  • Right Truth
  • Mike

    Thank you Book. Here’s a site that I saved just for this reason.

    “Never Forget”

    America Attacked 9 11

    It’s rather long and a flash file.

    I’ll put it on Twitter today.

  • David Foster
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    Compare and contrast:

    Just heard BO’s first tribute. Absent from the speech, the words victims and terror.

    On the other side of the world …

    Netanyahu said the Likud had proven time after time that it was willing to take steps to make peace, but its leaders would not be fooled by anyone and would not be “suckers.”

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  • Ymarsakar

    I remember my thoughts after 9/11. Notably the uncertainty and the fear, as well as apprehension at facing a foe that was more ruthless, determined, and full of vitality than anything American Hollywood TV culture had ever portrayed.

    It could have been easy to fall into a sense of dependency on the big government to safeguard Americans from such a threat. At least, it would have been had I not heard the story of Flight 93.

    Whenever Bush was talking about terror, or pundits spoke about the obscure and ridiculous Color Coded Threats, I would always remember one thing both never mentioned. What kept America safe was not guns, not technology, not our mighty warplanes nor our decrepit national politicians. It was ordinary Americans that took on a duty that ultimately ended their lives.

    Whenever hysteria threatened to bubble up from the public conscience, I would wonder if they had already forgotten about F 93. People don’t just suddenly get a desire to fight. They need examples, leaders, role models, and heroes to inspire them to action. And I had found mine, in the face of the greatest enemy I had ever conceived.

    My education concerning military issues and history had only just begun.

    I realized, at that time, that many people just aren’t capable of even wanting to fight to defend themselves. They want somebody else to take care of them. Of course, this didn’t cause me any problems, since I, after all, was also relying upon the US military for protection. But there was a difference. I knew that the solution, on the gut level, to the defense of the homeland would be people taking up the fight themselves, and not waiting for the government to come and save them. If the terrorists penetrate the US military’s barrier, which they eventually would, our only first line defense will be the people of America, their blood and honor.

    So when the Left started to talk about aiding AQ by sabotaging America’s war efforts, it clicked with all the previous examples of the Left and its minions attempting to disarm Americans. A pattern formed. The Democrats not just another political party to me, but increasingly an internal enemy of the United States.

  • Ymarsakar

    I remember the debate about Iraq on neo’s blog. the arguments used. The tone used. People tried to reason with the Left. Present them facts, evidence. They failed, not due to their fault but because the Left were never interested in anything that would benefit America or its people.

    I think it’s natural for people here in the US to assume that those who don’t agree with them have valid reasons to do so. That they are susceptible to logic as well as facts. I thought the same. So did many others before 9/11, before 2003, before 2005.

    But now they have learned what I had already known was true by 2005.

    The Left’s problem is not that they disagree with us. They agree with the US’s worst enemies. No matter how much they would agree with any single American, that does not change the fundamental nature of the Left.

  • vanderleun

    What I Saw: Notes Made on September 11, 2001 from Brooklyn Heights

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  • Iraq Updates
  • Mike Devx

    It’s time for us to abandon Google. PROTEST! PROTEST!

    Take a look at these alternatives to google-crap.
    They’re search engines, both well known.

    And both of them have beautiful tributes to 9-11.

    Then you go to our friends google… and they’ve got nothing.
    They have nothing for other big national holidays, either. But they’ll celebrate any number of “multicultural events”. Including a big splash on Earth Day.

    Screw google. Let’s boycott them. They can go to hell.
    Go Bing! Go Ask!

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  • Iraq Updates

    Hi Mike,

    The founders of Goggle have always been “socialist commies”…from way back.

    But, your right…they will put up something for say “Halloween” Or some other “BS” day…

    But anything that’s real AMERICAN….never. “Christmas” is a Santa Claus “Holiday”

    4th of July…no “Red White & Blue”

    Just something they do not believe in being America’s & our ‘complete Constitution’.

    America is…Just for learning at our schools and making money and using and abusing our Country…. to create enough power to influence how to change the USA into a “socialist state…period!

    At least one of them is an official “adviser”…to Obama…Sad but True!

    ‘The ACORN’…does not fall to far from the tree!


    BTW: Its pissed me off for years….

  • Ariel

    Book, all I say is thank you.

  • Mike Devx

    The tributes to 9-11 on and are finished now. But they were very good, yesterday.

    And yes, Book, I second Ariel… thank you. I spent a couple of hours reading through. It was sobering to be reminded of the immediacy of those days, weeks and months following that shocking, murderous morning.

    I will remember. I will remember the hundreds of people forced to leave the building by leaping from its windows, in a terrible choice between the inferno and the fall. How eyewitnesses reported some of them had clutched tablecloths in an attempt to parachute, only to have it ripped from their hands by the force as they fell.

    I will remember the heroes of Flight 93. While the murder was happening, they learned of it. And they fought back. That field near Shanksville, PA, should be a monument to their Greatness. Even if it is perverted into something else – as some wish and are actively planning – we will still know. And we will not forget.

    This was not a tragedy. Tragedy is caused by an Act Of God, or of nature. This was murder. I will not remember “those who died”, a mechanism by which the terrorists are included in the remembrance. I will remember “those who were murdered” instead.

    I will not forget.

    9-11 is a day of remembrance. Mr. Obama wants it to become “a day of service”. I have some news for you, Mr. Obama. This will always be a day of Remembrance.

  • Ymarsakar

    The Greek tragedy is also caused by an act or acts of hubris in which the hero falls because he vainly and prejudicially listened to his evil nature.

    This would be an adequate, though somewhat culturally incompatible description of the terrorists. But it is never used to describe their acts and situation.

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  • benning

    Thanks for remembering, BW. We must never let the Left water down our memory of this cowardly, horrific, murderous attack.

    Never forget.

  • Iraq Updates

    Hi Mike,

    ” I will not forget.

    9-11 is a day of remembrance. Mr. Obama wants it to become “a day of service”. I have some news for you, Mr. Obama. This will always be a day of Remembrance.”

    Right On! Very well said!

    Obama is always on the ‘camapign trail” 24/7/364…someone should tell him he already got elected President.

    But.. This “day of service” ‘BS…is just his…”Community Organizing Con”

    It ALL Starts Here: Chicago 1909: Look at what name(s) ‘pop’ up on this page(s)…and what this guy stood for…..the “mentor’ of both Obama & Hilary!



    The video here is a very good one I think…3rd down page: (make sure you have your volume on)


    Mike Devx

    It wasn’t just Google who turned their back ….

    I can’t summon up the words to express my disdain today.