Never forget — September 11, 2001 (Kept at top; scroll down for newer posts) *UPDATED 9/8/11*


The current administration seems bound and determined to forget 9/11.  To this end, it grovels before those who wish to kill us, disarms those who wish to protect us (our military, our CIA), frees those who have raised their hands against us, and tries to turn 9/11 into a socialist worker’s holiday.  That may be the current administration, but that’s not me.  I will never forget those who died that day, nor will I ever forgive either the people or the ideology that gave rise to the attack.  With the government as it is now, we must, more vigilantly than ever before, remember that we are vulnerable if we let our guard down.

If you scroll down, you’ll see the three posts I did in memory of three who died that day (here, here and here).

Others in the blogosphere are posting too.  The most comprehensive collection of links to posts about those who died on 9/11 is at the 2996 Project.  I’ve also collected here a few posts from just a few of my blog friends.  If you’ve done 9/11 post, please feel free to leave a link in the comments.  (And if you left a link in another comment section, please feel free to repost that link here.)

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More to follow as the day goes by….

UPDATED (9/8/11):  Thank you for stopping by.  My current post on 9/11 (“Honoring 9/11 by remembering that we are warriors”) is here.