There’s a deeper meaning to Michelle’s appalling fashion sense

I need help from you guys developing a thought.  The thought started with this picture of Michelle Obama in a deep-veed, fluffy blouse; a saggy sweater; a bondage belt; and the gypsy skirt from hell:

Michelle Obama bondage BeltAside from the fact that the picture pretty much puts the lie forever to the media’s desparate attempt to liken Michelle to Jacquie O, I think Michelle’s completely bewildered clothing speaks to something deeper about what society’s Leftist grip does to women’s self image.

I’m thinking about the difference between elegance and femininity, as opposed to a sort of trashy, hard-edged “feminism” that equates female sexuality, which can be beautiful and graceful, with Hustler-esque sex.  There’s definitely been a trend in the past years that cheapens, rather than elevates, women, and this trend has marched hand-in-hand with the radicalization of feminism.

Recall, if you will, that feminism was originally sold as a way to ensure that women got equal rights under the law and equal opportunities.  It’s now morphed into some shrill Leftist monster that says women should have sex like a porn star, be able to cry rape at will, get opportunities denied to men, ignore the plight of their truly oppressed sisters around the world, forgive rapists as long as they’re “good” presidents, get more than equal pay for unequal work, etc.  At precisely the same time women stopped being women and started being these weird Frankenstein monsters, the concept of attractiveness and feminity in clothing vanished — something I’ve bemoaned my entire adult life.

In other words, I think this picture speaks to something larger about the way women, for all their greater earning power and societal presence, have lost something over the last 30 years.

I know I’m old-fashioned, and getting more so with every passing day, but I’m pretty sure “viva la difference” didn’t mean you guys look like effete metrosexuals and we gals look like bondage vixens.

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  • Oldflyer

    Uhh! What is a bondage belt?

    Maybe I shouldn’t be the first to respond; obviously being ignorant and all.

    Am I showing my age? Well, I may as well go all the way. I liked the style of Laura Bush. I really like to look at women who display, if you will, understated style.

    I will really go whole hog, and a bit off the subject, by saying the one of the larger turn-offs for me is a tattoo. I don’t care how “demure” it is, if I see a tattoo on a woman it is instant loss of interest.

    Finally, I am really turned off by our “Imperial” Presidency. I felt the same way when Bush was President, but it seems to be getting worse. I mean closing two or three streets in DC and ginning up a multi-vehicle motorcade, with a massive police/secret service presence to go one block to buy fresh vegetables. And behavior like that.

  • Charles Martel

    Is major fashion statemink from bonafide Marxist womank. Nyet to frilly Laura and bob-bon Jackie. Up with tractor womenk!

  • Zhombre

    Perhaps it’s not a fashion “statement” but an illustration that she like her husband is simply out of her depth. An ill educated woman, bubbling with pretensions, but quite unable to function outside the provincial and insulated environs of middle class, liberal Chicago politics. But it could be construed as racist for me to point that out. So sorry. Mea freakin culpa.

  • Bookworm

    Have I mentioned before that I love you guys?

  • Marguerite

    Forty years ago I bought my grandfather a leather hunting belt w/little places all around it for bullets. That is kind of what it looks like she is wearing except one of them (!) looks like metal. The Jackie-O look that was first evidenced and really did look good on her is gone. Where does she get this stuff? How does she bend over . . . wait, that’s what the help is for.

  • highlander

    I agree with Zhombre. Her appalling lack of fashion sense is a reflection of her appalling lack of class.

    For many people, the way they dress signifies the persona they wish to project — and what does that say about Michelle?

    For people with class, their dress is a reflection of who they are.

  • ELaineT

    As a fashion-challenged woman myself, I can’t necessarily agree with Zhombre and Highlander. Some people just don’t have the eye for fashion, to tell what really looks good on them. Some can be trained. Some can’t. My husband kept remarking that I’m so pretty, why didn’t I look better in clothes, and I kept fumbling around…. Finally we took the step of hiring someone to help me figure out what looks good. Now I can (mostly) tell without help.

    Michelle might be like me, but no one has ever told her. Or she didn’t listen.

    OTOH, I do agree that feminity and class in women’s or girl’s clothing has become awfully hard to find.

  • highlander

    Point taken, Elaine — no offense intended. You may be right about Michelle being ignorant of fashion, but what I sense is pretension.

  • Charles Martel

    I think ELaineT is on to something. The question is why the people close to Michelle don’t love her enough to give her good fashion advice.

  • Danny Lemieux

    I look at her and I see a ChAP! Chicago-Hyde Park-Afro-American-Princess!

  • Danny Lemieux

    As to the belt, isn’t that what Teamsters wear to protect their lower backs on loading docks? Has she been shipping furniture out of the White House. Hmmm!

  • Mike

    Scary and Holloween isn’t until the end of next month. And Danny any self respecting Teamster takes the belt off when it is not needed or at least has enough sense to only wear it when working.Ignorant isn’t used enough but I can think of other words more fitting but they can’t be used here on this page.Zhombre hit the nail on the head though so to speak.Good one.

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  • Zhombre

    Allegedly the First Lady has a rather large staff and some of them would presumably be close enough to her and enough of a confidante to give some fashion advice. First Lady is a mostly ceremonial position, but a highly visible one. Between this and her “fresh market” outing ( Mrs. Obama looks silly and pretentious, the kiss of death for anybody in a ceremonial position.

  • Mike Devx

    Michelle Obama was thinking, “If it worked for Madonna, it will work for me to.”

    The cone bra will be next.

  • Marguerite

    I enjoy reading everyone who writes here (especially BW!) but I’ve got to hand it to Danny and Mike – you guys are the best on this one, I’m still laughing.

    Maybe MO dresses – like everything else she does – with politics in mind. Highlander is right – no class. Who will be the one to tell the empress that she has no clothes??

  • SJBill

    The belt might have been selected to attract the eyes from the butt. Not tryin to sound racist, but being a person with a weight problem, it appears as though the White House pantry is open 24 x 7, and is stocked with lots of chocolates.

  • suek

    >>My husband kept remarking that I’m so pretty, why didn’t I look better in clothes…>>

    Your husband said this to you? Unbelievable! You must have a terrific relationship!

    >>Finally we took the step of hiring someone to help me figure out what looks good.>>

    Amazingly practical solution.

    Re: the belt thing…

    When I had a waist – many years ago – and was very proud of it, I used to wear one of my Dad’s old Sam Brown belts all the time. Had to punch a few extra holes in it to get it appropriately tight…3 inches wide or so and leather, but it was around my _waist_. What Michelle is wearing looks more like a version of a Durndle – what the Bavarian women wear during Oktoberfest…with a laced corset up to right under the breasts and then tight fitted to the waist, then with a very full (usually very colorful) skirt. Except somehow it looks very guerilla bandito when Michelle wears it. Maybe it’s a Che thing… All she needs is the bandoleros strapped on…

    >>Who will be the one to tell the empress that she has no clothes??>>

    She has clothes. Plenty of them…all the wrong ones! MM has a photo of her somewhere doing something in a pink outfit…it looks good – at least what I saw of it. That’s _one_.

  • Marguerite

    ‘She has clothes. Plenty of them…all the wrong ones! . . .’

    Suek – I know, I know, that’s what I meant! I was just being . . .. um . . . . snotty.

  • suek

    Oh. Well. Snotty is understandable…!

  • Charles Martel

    I think Barack dresses her. It might seem that a narcissist like him would resent the diversion of people’s attention away from him and to his wife. But remember, their attention focuses on the woman’s inability to dress herself. Thus, in comparison, Barack looks great.

    I’ll be the first: “Wow, that Hyde Park harridan sure dresses frumpy! Say what you will about Barack, at least that guy cleans up good. I could look at him all day!”

  • suek

    Heh…Charles. No way. I don’t think Obama tells her _anything_!

  • suek

    Ok…I just came back from here:

    Michelle looks terrific.

  • Gringo

    suek: Point taken. Maybe I better be a little more careful myself about how I look when I leave the house. A friend last night was kidding me last night about my Che T-shirt, to which I added some years ago: “Si sos hincha de Che, sos hincha de pelotudo sin cerebro.” (In Argie-speak: if you are a fan of Che, you are a fan of a brainless idiot.) He said it might get me kicked out of some places.

    The woman in the swastika-adorned hooded sweatshirt looks a bit like Sara Palin, for what that’s worth.

    My take on the First Lady’s clothes is that someone is giving her some really bad advice. But what can you expect, considering the crowd ∅bama has hanging around. How many sensible decisions have they made in the last 8 months? Why would the First Lady’s staff be any different?

    As a counter to the above: Valerie Jarrett, who dresses rather elegantly herself, is rather close to both the President and the First Lady. If I were in Michelle’s shoes, which I obviously am not, I would simply ask Valerie Jarrett for fashion advice, which is not evidently what Michelle has done.

    Wrong advisers or Michelle choosing it herself, who knows?

  • Earl

    I don’t know about you, but it’s hard for me to imagine MO asking for advice….about anything at all.

    And taking it? Not…Going…To…Happen

    Especially not from BO…were he to dare to offer it, which is something else I doubt happens.

  • Earl

    By the way, is there a link where we can see more photos of that outfit?

  • Ymarsakar

    Mo is an angry woman. She’s angry at the professors who never accepted her as an equal, because she was the poor, not well spoken, ‘black minority’. Of course they aren’t equal, they are oppressed! She picked up on this, and it fueled her relentless superior/inferiority complex.

    So now she is at the top of society in term of rank and power, and what does she do? Perhaps she enacts her own kind of revenge upon those that she saw as ultimately rejecting her. Why else would such people socialize with Bernadine and Ayers, if the rest of society felt comfortable to them.

    They hate society and thus their fashion in the presence of society reflects that. Just as Hollywood’s internal rot is reflected in their own fashions and prejudices.

  • Bookworm

    Earl: Brutally Honest has another view of the same outfit.

  • Ymarsakar

    She picked up on this, and it fueled her relentless superior/inferiority complex.

    For small clarification on this, realize that when you are forever told that you or your race is superior, you start to believe it and act like it. But the cognitive dissonance of also knowing that you are treated as children, as victims and powerless fools, still exists.

    So there comes the superiority/inferiority complex, where a person can have both going on at once. It’s a nasty case of human irrationality and cognitive dissonance.

    As seen in Arabia, it can lead to extreme violence as people feel offended at Western superior wealth and products, and instead of trying to surpass us, they try to kill those that make them feel uncomfortable. Like ‘honor’ killings. those acts demonstrate a complete lack of confidence in themselves and their culture, leading to extreme measures to placate their own sense of inferiority. But they act with a superiority complex as well, speaking of Allah, the superior Islamic culture, and all that clap trap about the wonders of Sharia and the peace of submission to Islam and the veil/burkha.

    Afrikans here in the US were taught to appreciate and love Afrikan culture, not American culture. Thus they feel Afrikan culture is much superior to American culture, even though they would be dirt poor and dying of starvatin, AIDs, or Rwanda genocides if they were under the superior Afrikan rulers.

  • Ymarsakar

    Each article of clothing on Mo taken separately looks alright. When you put them together, something weird happens.

    That’s just like Obama, actually. If you take what he does or says separately, it all makes for its own consistent sense. Put them all together and you got a chimera.

  • Mike

    Hope this works. This is the proper way to wear a Sam Brownie Belt. The Senior Drill Instructor is entitled to wear it. It also has to be earned.The Senior DI is Sgt. Morgan but you should be able to see that I think.
    45 years ago by the way.

    You might have to copy and paste into whatever browser you are using.Not sure.

  • suek

    More on the Sam Browne (missed that ‘e’ before- my ignorance). I still have the Magazine Clip Pouch, in fact. Don’t know quite what to do with it. I probably still have the belt – somewhere – but no way could I still wear it!

    The military is funny in some ways… I guess there’s nothing quite like competition, and with a bunch of young bucks you have to keep on your toes. If it looks sharp, it’s gonna be in demand!

  • suek
  • Marguerite

    I seem to be stuck on this. MO didn’t dress in strange duds like this before the election. Then it was svelt and smart Jackie-O. Maybe she did and I missed it. There was the red/black creation she wore to maybe the big delphic column event that was perhaps a foretaste of things to come. I remember her negatives in polling were so bad that the campaign sort of tucked her away for a while – maybe this is her way of saying I can say-do-wear whatever I want now.

    To give her the benefit of the doubt, is she just trying things out until something ‘works’? That ratty ensemble in Gt. Britain was just awful. Yet there have also been some lovely gowns as well. But Y is right – I think she/they have no love for America – at least until they have remade it in their warped image.

    A friend of mine is married to a controller. She has found that her only effective way of expressing herself is through her clothes and she has evolved an edgy look that is definitely a statement.