Just a thought about Mr. and Mrs. Obama’s push for the Olympics

I think the world has sized Obama up and concluded that he’s weak, very weak.  The Olympics are a good example of this.  One theory has it that Chicago is in, and that the price for that is Obama’s appearance before the Olympic Committee.  In other words, Obama got bossed around both by Chicago and by the Olympic Committee.  He’s sort of weak in that scenario, but he still gets what he wants.

But another theory (mine, to be precise) is that the matter is still up in the air, that Obama is going to the Olympic Committee as a true supplicant, and that the OC still has the power to turn him down.  With a strong president, this situation would never have arisen.  First off, a strong president wouldn’t have gone begging for an Olympic game.  Second, of course, the OC would never dream of sayin no.  But here, how tempting to have the President of the United States on his knees before you, and have the power to say “no.”

I guess time will tell, but either scenario paints a depressing picture of what it takes for the Left and the world at large to “like” a US President.

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  • George Bruce

    I predict that Obamie goes begging and is turned down. The people on the OC have been hoping for the chance to do this all their lives.

  • Zhombre

    The Obama Sunday media blitz, his appearance on Letterman, now this personal pitch for the Olympics in Chicago — this is absurd. This guy is so out of his depth. People griped when Bush played golf or went to his Texas ranch while we had troops fighting in Iraq. Now Obama gets a pass for these stunts and, as your previous post notes, has talked once to his general in Afghanistan. You could not write satire like this.

  • caribman

    As a citizen of a Third World country it is so amazing seeing a President of the United States with the same attitudes of any Third World despot. Resenting the USA, supporting clowns like Chavez and the Irianian President.

    You (the USA) are is much more serious problems than you realize. You now disregard the fundamental philsophical greatness that made this the greatest nation ever.

    You are a tremendeous people because of special circumstances and you now have a infantile fool making you so much less than you really are.

    I have been involved in politics for over 20 years in a Third World country and I cringe as you destroy your great culture and ours in the prcess.

  • http://bookwormroom.com Bookworm

    Just so you know, caribman, at this site, you’re preaching to the choir. My readers and I regularly bemoan the degradation of American and the gift she gave the world: the concept of limited government and maximum citizen freedom.

    It’s so obvious when you think about it. If you consolidate power, it makes it easy for one person or party ultimately to grab all the power. As long as power is diffuse, you make tyranny difficult and you unleash the vast energy and creativity of a nation.

  • Oldflyer

    On Special Report on FNC tonight someone on the panel brought up the carbon foot print to fly the O to Copenhagen and back on the 747. Juan Williams, the duty liberal on the panel, pooh poohed itl But, it sure resonates with me. I am so sick of the hypocrisy that I could spit.

    I am going to write to my two Democrat Senators and inquire as to who is paying the costs for that little junket. I won’t get an answer, or at least not a straight one. But, if enough people would ask these questions it might cause them to think a little.

    It was also pointed out that the people of Chicago do not want the Olympics if it will cost the city any money. Well, they needn’t worry, because we know who will pay.

  • caribman

    Thanks Bookworm for the unofficial welcome.

    My political culture is liberal. I have seen it destroy the Caribbean and we are unable to decipher the answers because aside from our adherence to your libeal culture through the media and Hollywood we are also a function of our slavery background. As you may have realized I am a product of a black culture and therefore a long time before you did realized it I had understood the failings of Obama. He resents America as does his Wife.

    My own wife in a setting almost walked out on the arrogant Fidel Castro of Cuba as he subjected her to 4 hours of his ranting at an official function.
    We have been amazed at how your country through its liberal leanings in the media has bamboozled the electorate to vote for the charlatan you now call your President.

    Unfortunately we are looking at the complete destruction of Western culture as we know it as you and the conservative “alternative’ media are the last bastion of conservative, non secular common sense that we have left.
    Keep up the good work and I daily log on to your site along with Drudge, Hot Air, American Spectator, etc.

    Yuo may be surprised to know that in the near future a government in the Caribbean may arise that is regularly in touch with bastions of common sense like yourself and our progress will be a result of much that you and your ilk have written.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com/ Ymarsakar

    I have been involved in politics for over 20 years in a Third World country and I cringe as you destroy your great culture and ours in the prcess.

    Sadly, the crusade against human rights often originate from inside America, not outside it. They know that we are the strongest nation, so once they elect their leader into power, they will be able to leverage America’s economic and military might for Leftist revolutionaries and mass murderers.

    When Carter was in power, both Iran and Rhodesia fell, a lot due to Carter’s insistence and interference, to totalitarian forces.

    The Left specializes in this.

    This was all the result of the Soviets, really. And the eugenics of progressive functions, which inspired Hitler’s dreams of a master race, which then set him off on a world domination tour because that is the end result of eugenics.

    The Soviets produced enough demoralization campaigns here in the US that entire generations of people have become the foot soldiers of totalitarian ideologies, and they will refuse to recognize that fact. Just as Africans refuse to recognize the failure of Mugabe, instead praising him for taking back the black man’s land from the ‘white man’. As if Mugabe owning everything is better than whites owning it. Slavish, tribal, and elitist sentiments are the natural byproduct of a primitive culture and political outlook.

    The Left specializes in not only making it so, but keeping it so. Whenever some new nation, like Vietnam or Iraq or Afghanistan or some Afrikans or some Latin Americans, try to make something better for themselves, in Comes the Leftist International Pressure to help out the Castros, the Chavezes, all to beat on the defenders of stability, security, and prosperity.

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