The Kevin Jennings ‘Fistgate’ (and your kids) Update by Guest Blogger Terry Trippany

Update – It seems that the article I wrote on September 9th (below after the jump) was a precursor to the latest Obama administration scandal. Jim Hoft and the Washington Times picked up where I left off. Never let it be said that we didn’t warn you!

Barack Obama’s “safe school’s czar” Kevin Jennings hid pedophilia from authorities.

Safe Schools Czar Kevin Jennings was a huge Obama supporter.

Warren Throckmorton has this and more on the latest case of pedophilia that Obama’s Safe Schools Czar hid from officials.

In an op-ed dated today but available online over the weekend, the Washington Times assails Obama safe-schools appointee, Kevin Jennings for his handling of a 15-year old student’s sexual revelations when Jennings was a young teacher.

According to Mr. Jennings’ own description in a new audiotape discovered by Fox News, the 15-year-old boy met the “older man” in a “bus station bathroom” and was taken to the older man’s home that night.

FOX News has also reported on this and pointed to that recording. That audiotape was recorded by someone who attended a speech Jennings gave in Iowa in 2000 and then given to me. The relevant clip is here. You can read more about Brewster and the controversy in the article, Remembering Brewster and in this prior post on the topic.

Original Article Below

One Small Victory – As One Radical Agenda Item is Quelled More Are Sure to Surface, The Kevin Jennings Appointment and the Arne Duncan Agenda – September 9, 2009

When I first learned that President Obama would be addressing our school children I was not overly concerned. I kind of brushed it off until I actually read the lesson plan. From that point on I became a fact filled parent on a mission to determine whether or not my school district was going to facilitate what I perceived as a blatant attempt to use the nation’s schools for the express purpose of furthering the liberal Democrat agenda.

I was only the second person last week to contact the Superintendent of our school district. It took some time and effort, repeated phone calls and a couple of e-mails that went unanswered but I never gave up. Although I never heard back from my child’s principal I did have many pleasant conversations with the assistants at the Superintendent’s office. Each time we spoke I was calm and had a full grasp of the facts. The first time I called they weren’t even aware of the controversy. That changed over time.

On Friday I finally received an answer. The Superintendent decided that no school in our child’s school district would be participating in the speech or lesson plan. Other districts that did televise the speech witnessed a speech that was conservative in tone. The President even mentioned God in a school setting. Had that been any Republican President you can be assured that it would have been met with wails. So as liberals across the nation try to squeeze a victory out of defeat you can rest assured that the victory was ours.

This is a small win. Unfortunately it is not over by a long shot. Let me explain why.

I am not opposed to this President or any other addressing our children with a positive message about staying in school and working toward bettering themselves through education. Unfortunately the Department of Education as led by Arne Duncan seemed to have missed that charter this time around. We could see plain as day that this was an underhanded attempt to put our children on the path of one particular ideological train of thought. From the moment teachers were instructed to lead the the nation’s children down a path toward explaining how they could help the President the foundation was set. Teachers now had the go ahead to explain to their students what the President was trying to achieve. Happy phrases from the campaign trial could now be taught from the front of the classroom. Hope and Change could have been the phrase of the week, Health Care could have been the new cause and Climate Change could have been the new action item.

Make no mistake. Those specific messages were not spelled out in the lesson plan but middle school children could not be given such a grand assignment without some context. How else could children as young as 4 years old be expected to think about helping Barack Obama unless they were instructed on what it is that he is trying to achieve?

Had we not been vigilant our children could have been pawns in a game of undermine the conservative parent.

But liberal Democrats don’t stop at one defeat. They keep on trying.

Exhibit A – The Kevin Jennings Appointment

As exhibit ‘A’ I’d like to look at an appointment made by Arne Duncan through the eyes of the media that reports on him. Duncan, a close personal friend of Barack Obama, is the former Chicago Public Schools CEO that has been appointed as the Secretary of Education by the President. Thus it will come as no surprise that Time magazine described Duncan in an article that begins with the phrase “A willingness to compromise.” Coincidentally, or not, The New York Times also described Duncan in the same manner, as a “compromise choice.”

This is a media lie; a homespun yarn that is standard fare for a media that just can’t bring themselves to be honest when it comes to reporting on the President and his friends. When the media portrays a liberal in the light of compromise it is almost always a misnomer, a red flag that should be interpreted as covert.

For example. Many reading this blog are probably aware that Mr. Duncan proposed a gay high school in Chicago. The idea was pushed under the guise of social justice. Apparently a study was done somewhere that shows gay students are subjected to an environment of intolerance and feel threatened and bullied as a result. Thus the need for a gay friendly school. There is no word if the same study was done for religious students, those in the math club, band or any other of the many groups that might possibly feel out of place or threatened in school. The difference is that of all the groups I just mentioned gays are granted favorable status by Democrats in office. (the same Democrats that wouldn’t think of doing the same for religious groups)

For obvious reasons the proposed plan to create a gay friendly school came under attack by various groups and was scuttled with the aim of being resurrected in 2010 under a more general umbrella as a refuge for bullied youths of all persuasions.

Some may see this as a compromise; especially those that only get their news from the mainstream media. Thus they would likely be surprised to hear that Arne Duncan appointed Kevin Jennings to be the Assistant Deputy Secretary in the Office of Safe Schools. This sounds innocent enough. But when you dig beyond the non-coverage of the appointment in the mainstream media you soon learn that Jennings is a gay educator turned activist. He formed the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network or GLSEN , a tax subsidized activist group with a goal to promote a pro a gay agenda in schools.

When Jennings was running the group they were involved in an incident dubbed Fistgate where members from the the Massachusetts Department of Education described the pleasures of homosexual sex acts to high school kids. The descriptions included the following:

“Fisting [forcing one’s entire hand into another person’s rectum or vagina] often gets a bad rap….[It’s] an experience of letting somebody into your body that you want to be that close and intimate with…[and] to put you into an exploratory mode.”

An accounting of the incident complete with audio tapes that lawyers tried to get sequestered can be found here.

Beyond fistgate Jennings has also faced other controversies including alleged anti-religious tirades.

I am not pointing this out to trivialize the plight of victims of any status. But it is important to realize that the left never stops pursuing their agenda. The appointment of Kevin Jennings to oversee school safety is a covert action; not a compromise. Duncan failed in his attempt to create a gay friendly school in Chicago so why not circumvent the whole issue and use a backdoor method such as putting a gay activist in charge of all schools? The media didn’t report it and you probably weren’t aware that it happened.

Do we know for sure that Jennings will implement some sort of gay agenda? No, we don’t. We do know that more often than not activists don’t suddenly turn off their agenda when they get into positions of power; they use those positions to implement their designs. This is no different than Van Jones appointment in many respects. Their agenda is hidden behind their titles. Green czar, director of school safety, etc.

We may have won a small victory but never forget the lessons that past experience has taught us. They will be back.

Terry Trippany is The Watcher at Watcher of Weasels and is a contributing writer at Newsbusters.

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The image accompanying this post is from a Time Magazine article profiling Arne Duncan