CNN slanders Rush visually and verbally *UPDATED*

You’ve already heard about the fact that, in order to block any chance of Rush having an ownership interest in an NFL team, liberal talking heads (including Al Sharpton) and the MSM attributed manifestly false quotations to Rush, in order to accuse him of being a grotesque racist.  However, before visiting PowerLine, I hadn’t seen the photograph CNN used of Rush.  It’s interesting that, not only did they use a false, slanderous quote, the CNN “newsies” also used an antiquated photo of Rush from a time before he slimmed and trimmed:

Rush Limbaugh CNN Hoax

He looks fabulous now (as you can see below), but they sold him to the public as someone who looks like a bloated plantation owner:

Rush Limbaugh

NFL Limbaugh Football

UPDATE: Contrary to CNN’s fondest dreams, Rush is not Jefferson Davis “Boss” Hogg:


UPDATE II: I have it on very good authority that Bill O’Reilly used exactly the same mean-spirited picture of Rush. (I wouldn’t know since O’Reilly has never piqued my interest.) The Radio Patriot suggests that, in Bill’s case, it may be simple professional jealousy. If that’s the case, Bill should give it up. He’s not in Rush’s league, so there’s no competition.

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    Rush dropped from joint bid to buy the Rams.

    I think we’ve got another teachable moment in history, but I don’t foresee a ‘beer summit’ in the works and what I do see it damn ugly (not including Rev. Al’s face).

    While I am no Imus fan in the morning or any other time; the success in getting him fired was a good dry run for future plans, which we are watching unfold one page at a time.

  • Ymarsakar

    They got to keep the blacks owned by Democrats. Not anyone else. It’s dangerous for slaves to start thinking about escaping.

  • Al

    I suppose the apparent ease with which the Left removed Rush from the buying group of the Rams obscures the point that his removal was a business decision of the groups’ leader to ensure the successful purchase. It really rankles.
    What we need is a main stream conservative news network.
    Maybe Rush could head a consortium to buy CNN

  • suek

    Probably not a good place to fight, although I find it unacceptable as well. Still, once they got the players union to speak out against it, it _does_ become a problem. Whether it should be or not is a different issue.

    MM today has an update on it (that Rush had dropped out) and the comments are pretty strong on people crossing the NFL off their watching list. Will it have an effect?? Quien sabe!

    I suspect Rush is going to see some of the slandering folks in court – but he doesn’t promise what he can’t deliver, so that may take a while as he gets his ducks in a row. We’ll see.