Britain yet again reveals the danger of allowing regulations to sap initiative

I don’t think I need to offer much comment on this story, which is one more indictment of the danger of over-regulation that always follows in the wake of Big Government:

Ambulance paramedics battling to save a nine-year-old car crash victim were told the nearest back-up crew could not help as they were on their lunchbreak.

Schoolgirl Bethany Dibbs suffered a fractured skull and ended up in a coma when a car smashed into her as she rode her scooter across the street.

An ambulance crew went to the scene and called for extra help, only to be told by their operator the closest back-up crew still had a few minutes left on their meal break.

Due to the strict rest-break regulations, the astonished paramedics were informed it would take 20 minutes for another crew to arrive.

In the end one of them called their colleagues directly and they immediately abandoned their sandwiches to race to help.

They arrived just five minutes after the original crew and rushed the schoolgirl to hospital.

She is now making a good recovery.

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