Three interesting stories re global warming, missing links and the Navy *UPDATED*

These stories have nothing to do with each other.  I just thought each was interesting, and therefore pass them on to you:

Americans are figuring out that global warming is a scam.

That “missing link” is too distantt to be missing — and maybe it is connected to the first story, because both remind us how often scientists are wrong.  When they’re right, wonderful things can happen, but their mistakes can be equally far-reaching.  This was a silly mistake; global warming less so.

Lastly, the Navy is built for speed, which is pretty damn impressive — and I guess this is a science story, too, since it shows the incredibly technological abilities we’re able to make.

So I take it back, not only are the stories interesting on their own terms, they’re related too!

UPDATE:  Apropos the Navy, here’s a great reminder of just how far we’ve come.

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  • Oldflyer

    Book, the mention of the high speed hydrofoils in the article brought back a memory. Funny, in its way, but not for the Skipper involved.

    During my last tour I was the Aviation Officer on the staff of the Admiral who was responsible for training and maintenance of the surface ships in the Atlantic Fleet (except carriers). (Surface ships have lots of aviation, just not the kind I care about. Long two years.)

    This was in the early days of the hydrofoil patrol craft and it was an object of some interest. The skipper of the first one was, naturally, a hot-shot Lieutenant who was hand picked.

    One day they were running up the York River to the Ammo piers. This river is pretty shallow with channels cut through mud banks. He naturally was going like a bat out of hell, up on the foils, showing off his toy. Suddenly the navigator told him he had not had a fix in xxx time. Now, an aviator, when in doubt, would keep his speed up, get altitude, or reverse course, until he figured it out. Not a ship driver. He went to all stop. Naturally, as the speed bled off the ship came down off of the foils, settling deeper in the water and hitting the mud still a fairly high rate of speed. Stuck fast. So far up on the mud, that it was a major operation to get it out.

    Since the Black shoes (ship drivers) always eat their young, he took a big hit in his career.

    I tried to tell them they had to get some aviation indoctrination for their foil skippers, or better yet get aviators to skipper their foils. They did not seem to appreciate the advice.

  • Ymarsakar

    Accurate ship data on this score can be used to predict and track ship movement in order to successfully engage aforementioned ship in military action.

    Given that this is an AP story, I cannot give them the benefit of the doubt as to their intentions or the potential ramifications of their story.

    Evolution is said to be a theory, even though it is taught as law, inviolate. But as you can see, there are still ‘missing links’. If skyscrapers can’t be seen to be operable and safe with entire missing ‘floors’, why do educators and Leftists think they can convince me that a ‘theory’ is complete enough to be accepted as knowledge when it has missing links?