The end of cognitive dissonance in Israel

I think Obama has done a good thing for Israel.  With his abandonment of Israel, leaving Israel hanging out in the wind on her own, even the Israeli Left has been forced to face a reality they previously denied:  Palestinians are not partners in peace.  They are a force aimed at Israel’s total destruction and the death of her citizens.  Evelyn Gordon sums up the trail of facts that leaves Israel looking at 15 wasted years culminating in a hostile American administration:

Nor is it really hard to see why Israelis have stopped believing. First, every territorial concession since the 1993 Oslo Accord has produced only more terror. Palestinians killed more Israelis in the first two and a half years after Oslo than in the entire preceding decade, and in 2000-04 (the height of the second intifada), Israel’s terror-related casualties exceeded those of the entire preceding 53 years. The withdrawal from Lebanon in 2000 led to the Second Lebanon War, and the withdrawal from Gaza in 2005 produced daily rocket barrages on southern Israel. To most Israelis, bombs and rockets exploding in their cities don’t look much like peace.

This has been compounded by the complete lack of movement in Palestinian positions since 1993, even as Israeli leaders offered ever-increasing concessions. Israeli leaders routinely tell their people that peace will require “painful concessions.” Palestinian leaders are still telling their people that peace will enable 4.7 million descendants of Palestinian refugees to resettle in pre-1967 Israel, thus destroying the Jewish state demographically. And Israelis find it hard to believe in a peace whose price, according to their supposed “peace partner,” is Israel’s eradication.

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  • Charles Martel

    There could be an interesting spillover effect from the Israeli left’s encounter with reality: Word of it is bound to reach the ears of leftist American Jews, perhaps unsettling them enough to begin pulling away from the second most fervent anti-Semitic American president ever (Jimmuh being the first).


    “Palestinian leaders“, now there’s two words I wouldn’t string together.
    Abbas has ‘threatened’ or ‘tactically’ stated that he will not run in Janaury. If, and it’s still a big ‘if’ at the moment, he does withdraw and ‘if’ a Hamas candidate (sorry, I just strung those two words together for lack of creativity) succeeds Abbas (although it beats me what the difference is) it paints another picture. Hamas has been designated a terrorist organization and as of the moment, we (that would be the collective, we) do not negotiate with terrorists…..there would be no need to talk, negotiate, interact, acknowledge.
    Ahhh, who am I kidding, we’d need to designate Mr. ChicagO in the same category – hmmm.


    “Nobody does Israel any service by proclaiming its ‘right to exist.’

    Israel’s right to exist, like that of the United States, Saudi Arabia and 152 other states, is axiomatic and unreserved. Israel’s legitimacy is not suspended in midair awaiting acknowledgement….

    There is certainly no other state, big or small, young or old, that would consider mere recognition of its ‘right to exist’ a favor, or a negotiable concession.”

    – Abba Eban
    New York Times, November 18, 1981

  • Earl

    My Dad did his pathology residency at Mt. Zion Hospital in San Francisco.  While there, one of the senior doctors told him a story from his youth — a story that the current generation of Israelis should probably take to heart.
    A certain Jewish Dad put his little son up on a wall and said “Jump, son!”.  The boy was hesitant, but the Dad said “Go ahead – I’ll catch you.”  When the boy finally got up his courage and leaped to his father’s arms, the man stepped aside and let him crash into the ground.  “Let that be a lesson to you, son — never trust nobody, not even your own father!”
    I’m sure that some would identify that as an anti-Semitic joke, but it seems to me that it’s a principle that would stand the Israelis in good stead….and isn’t that really what Reagan was saying with “Trust….but verify.”?
    That’s how it looks from here, anyhow.  Israel can “trust” the U.S., all right — but they’d better be watching their backs!