Standing up for the rights of American people not to get tricked and bullied by Congress

That Nancy Pelosi is a pistol.  Here she is, a terrible public speaker, but still arguing strongly that it’s absolutely unconscionable for Congress to sneak bills through committee, to vote on things they haven’t read and don’t know, to vote on bills that the American public hasn’t had to read, to have bills in the thousands of pages that are unintelligible, to vote on things the voters strongly oppose, and to allow the government to have access to people’s tax information for matters unrelated to taxes.  These are some amazing, even if somewhat muddled speeches.  I felt like standing up and cheering whenever, periodically, I was able to understand her.

The only problem was that these speeches were given in 2005.  Apparently these heart-felt principles just don’t matter when you’re the party in power, and you have the opportunity to take over almost 20% of the American economy and forever after deprive American citizens of their freedom from government control:

Hat tip:  Stop the ACLU and Andrea Shea King

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  • Ymarsakar

    People are not taught how to recognize lies, propaganda, or illusions. Thus they fall for the oldest tricks in the human book.
    They’re not free people anymore. Just sheep and cogs to be manipulated, corralled, culled, and made into wonderful product for consumption by the top echelon.