Let not your heart be troubled by today’s Senate vote

Bryon York puts it in perspective:

The extraordinary thing about the dramatic events surrounding the health care bill in the Senate is that there is any drama in it at all. Lawmakers are simply voting to begin debate on their version of health care reform. Just begin debate — not end it, and not move on to a final vote.

If Democrats, with a 60-vote majority in the Senate, were not able to begin debate on the top Democratic policy priority in a generation — well, that would be a devastating turn of events, both for the party and for President Obama. And yet just starting debate has proved difficult, and only today did the 60th Democratic vote fall in place in favor of beginning the process.

I asked a high-ranking Republican Senate source whether it was really that hard to get the Democratic votes together. Could it have been a media-fed story, with reporters looking to inject some unwarranted drama into the proceedings? No, I was told. “It really was that hard for them to get to 60 just to proceed,” the source said. “Very telling.”

And judging by the statements of four moderate Democrats — Lieberman, Lincoln, Landrieu, and Nelson — it will be far, far harder when the process comes to the really important vote, the one that would bring debate to a close debate and move on to an up-or-down vote on the Democrats’ health care plan. Today all four of those Democrats publicly threatened to side with Republicans and kill the bill before it can move to a final vote, unless their concerns are met.

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    Thanks, Book, for the consoling words. Hopefully, they delivered a lame duck turkey for Thanksgiving (in light of 2010 elections and whoever claims to be a moderate today).

  • JKB

    Best way to kill Obamacare is to start a campaign to ban football due to the high injuries and late in life disabilities.  Just run the ads from now up to the Superbowl and it’ll be all over.  Everyone suspects that Code Pink or some other liberal group will push this once healthcare is a public good.

  • Ruth H

    My heart is definitely troubled. The next time my liberal son  asks what I want for Christmas my reply will be that I want my country back.  I’m too old for this nonsense. I am ashamed for Mary Landrieu. I lived in Louisiana for her first election and as far as I am concerned she was not legitmate then and now she is showing us exactly what she is.  She apparently named her price and was promised payment with our money.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com/ Ymarsakar

    But even if their concerns are met, the moderate Dems don’t see anything wrong with giving more power to Pelosi. That’s just how the game is played, from their perspective. So the only question is, can Pelosi and Reid create enough blackmail and bribes to get the votes.

  • suek

    I _like_ that!
    Especially high school football.  And soccer.  All sports – can’t have dangerous activities like that going on!