Two excellent articles to start your morning

I realize that, with readers all over the world, speaking about “morning” is a bit silly, but I can only function according to the rules of my own time zone.  I’m up, but so are the kids, and the “getting ready for school” drill is in full swing.  It’s definitely morning for me, and will be for another hour. Fortunately, friends emailed me two fascinating articles for those of you who are already well into your day and have the luxury of a bit of reading time right now.

The first is an American Spectator article by Patrick O’Hannigan, in which he focuses on the direct line between Obama’s background as a community organizer and his failures as a president.  I always enjoy Patrick’s writing, but I have to say that I think this is one of his best, filled with truly deep thoughts, carried along on a river of elegant writing.

The second article, which intelligence analyst extraordinaire Steve Schippert recommended to me, is a very worrying analysis of the situation in Pakistan.  You won’t feel better after reading this article, but you’ll definitely feel more informed.  It goes without saying that our community organizer in chief hasn’t yet figured out a way to deal with this situation.  (And I very much doubt that his upcoming Afghanistan speech will change that fact.)

I promised you two, but I’ll give you three:  Is it any surprise that the UN is completely ignoring, not only the fact that a major CRU committed fraud, but the even more significant fact that this same group felt compelled to commit fraud?  You don’t commit fraud when the truth is on your side.  You commit it when you have to sell people on a lie or, at the very least, when you don’t believe in what you’re selling.

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  • Ymarsakar

    Good stuff, thx

  • David Foster

    Several articles relevant to ClimateGate at Chicago Boyz, including my post Climate Science and the Inner Ring, which applies some thoughts from C S Lewis to the current situation.