Explaining hide the decline *UPDATED*

In the wake of the emails that an anonymous whistleblower published, those of us who aren’t scientists have been able to figure out that something is very, very wrong with the AGW data.  Still, all the science stuff is confusing, especially the bit about “hide the decline.”  Thankfully, at American Thinker, Marc Sheppard takes the time, and uses words of one scientific syllable, to explain what “hide the decline” really means, and why it was such a terrible fraud.

UPDATE:  Charlie Martin also has a great short form sheet, explaining, clearly and briefly, why the emails matter.

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  • http://explorations.chasrmartin.com Charlie (Colorado)

    Thanks for the link, Books.  There’s some good stuff in that AT thing; I kinda wish he weren’t so vituperative, but the science is good.