1. Mike Devx says

    How bad are things for Obama right now?
    I believe this guy is representative of the rage on the far left.  It’s scathing.

    But as I’ve said before, Obama made this bed himself, and he has to lie in it.  He promised so many different things to so many different groups in the campaign, that by trying to please one he’s guaranteed to royally piss off another.  You *can’t* make that many conflicting promises and come out ahead.
    Couple that with “on the job training”, and a level of ineptitude and incompetence that is breathtaking…
    And then there’s the inexplicable ass-kissing of our enemies, and constant bowing, and apologizing for our “evils”.   These things may soothe the far-left, but the far-left doesn’t care about these things; the far left expected REAL action and they’re not getting it.  These things instead are guaranteed to deeply trouble or piss off middle America.   Ass-kiss our enemies?  Bow to royalty?  Apologize for America?  Let alone sink us so massively into debt that even our kids and grandkids can’t do anything about it?  “Go to hell, you incompetent and misguided and weak president!  We don’t need any of this!”  So might the vast horde of middle Americans say.
    Trouble is, he’s screwed so much up so fast, that he still has three years to right the ship.  But perhaps an incompetent socialist CAN’T right his ship.  His arrogance and egocentrism might not allow it either.  You have to see the need for change, and then you have to want to change.  So I’m not exactly going to worry.

  2. Mike Devx says

    What the far left is right about, is that Obama *has* sold out to the investment firms and to the health care insurance companies.   What the far left can’t see is that he’s sold out to the *internationalist* investment forces, to the expense of ordinary Americans.  (They are so blinded by hatred for the “fat cat firms” that they can’t see this.)   But the key is that he’s managed to alienate both the far-left and us on the conservative right.

    That takes some doing!

    And should this health care bill pass, it is true that the insurance companies are the *only* ones who come out of it OK.  All the rest of us will be deeply hurt.  So he’s worked the far-left into a frenzied rage because the “fat-cat firms” come out OK… and he’s pissed off all of us on the conservative right by nationalizing one-sixth of our economy.  Because, oh yes, *government* also comes out OK in all of this, and we all know how efficiently and effectively government will solve these problems.
    So again, he’s managed to deeply piss off the far left and all of us on the right.  Middle America wants jobs, jobs, jobs, and a healthy America… and they’re guaranteed to  be pissed off as they realize all the ways in which Obama has harmed jobs.  And made America weaker in every conceivable way.  As time rolls on, despite the best efforts of the Mainstream Media, middle America’s going to see many things and they’re not going to like any of them.
    That too… takes some doing!

  3. SADIE says

    Mike Devx
    Read the article and then read a few more.  I am not sure if he’s a liberal or a libertarian. He is certainly p.o.’d at BO. That had to be the longest rant I’ve ever read. It’s like he took one huge breath and huffed and puffed until he blew the house down. He also ranted on Bush in an earlier article and likened him to Stalin. The professor is a verbal freight train traveling at the speed of light.
    I saved the link and will read more in daylight.

  4. says

    The Left is counting on a temporary alliance with Big Business and Muslims to ensure that government takeover is done in the hands of the Left. And once that happens, they believe they will use government power to suppress the Muslims and nationalize the Big Business networks.
    They’re not misguided. This isn’t one DUI where they ran over a child and they are full of regret and will prove that they won’t ever do it again. No, they do it once, count their bank balance, then do it over again and then find ways to do it and get more money.

    That’s called evil, people. People can either pay attention or they can pay the reaper.

  5. suek says

    >>the insurance companies are the *only* ones who come out of it OK.>>
    I don’t think so…yes, maybe for a few years, but from what I’ve heard, within a few years they’re going to be demolished one way or the other.  The way it’s being set up is to result in  a one payer plan – government health care – within a few years.  Insurance companies will be shut down.

  6. suek says

    >> or the corporate heads  and staff will  be absorbed by a gov’t agency.>>
    As a schoolboard member, we were sometimes  faced with problems outside the experience of any of us.  So, when you know nothing, how do you find out what you need to know?  Who do you turn to?  Generally, it’s going to be someone with a commercial interest in the field.  How then do you know if the information given is slanted toward that person’s commercial company, or if the information is unbiased (Lobbyist?)?    In fact, how do you know the person you’ve turned to is qualified to give you advice, since you don’t know anything about the topic in the first place?  How can you judge expertise?
    So…who is the government going to get to run its health care plan unless it hires people who have already done the same sort of work?  so…yes…I’d guess some of the corporate heads will end up employed by the government.  With hefty salaries and big bonuses.  You know..sort of like the heads of Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac…
    On the other hand…what are the options?  Of course, the military runs a single payer health program of  sorts – maybe a few Generals could use promotions…

  7. SADIE says

    the heads of Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac…
    Forewarned is forearmed, considering that both agencies just got another $400 billion without a cap. The ultimate American Express Card to economic disaster.


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