Obama administration to blackmail Israel into behaving suicidally

For anyone struggling to understand what has happened in the Middle East since the Oslo “Peace” Accord, I cannot recommend anything more highly than Evelyn Gordon’s Commentary magazine article, The Deadly Price of Pursuing Peace.  The so-called peace process, by destroying Israel’s long-standing legal rights, caused her to lose focus and room to negotiate.  The fact that demands were made only on Israel, and never on the Palestinians, allowed the latter to engage in ever more extreme and violent conduct, forcing Israel into acts of self-defense that played badly on televisions around the world.  And on and on.  In every way, the “peace process” disabled the Democracy and empowered the totalitarian, genocidal, corrupt, increasingly theocratic, and yet still remarkably anarchic collection of people around and within her borders.

“Peace” as mandated by one Democratic president (that would be Clinton), has not served Israel well.  Obama, typically, is taking the whole so-called peace process to a whole new level, asking Israel to commit suicide, or else he’ll try, slowly and bloodlessly, to kill her:

Mideast envoy George Mitchell has threatened that the U.S. could freeze aid to Israel if the country fails to advance peace talks, YNetNews.com reported.

Mitchell said the U.S. can legally cut its support for aid to Israel and that all options must remain open, YNet reports, though he clarified on PBS that the U.S. wants to put pressure on both sides in Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations.

78% of American Jews voted for Obama. American Jews, obviously, are idiots. I am that rare American Jew who is not, because I see very clearly what is going on here:  as was manifest during the entire campaign, Barack Obama is not only not a friend to Israel, he is an active enemy.

The one thing that gives me hope is that, as the administration’s hostility becomes more and more apparent, Israel is going to feel herself less obligated to tow the American line.  Israel trusted George Bush, and abided by his requests, even when they were bad for Israel.  With Barack Obama, there is no such good will to sustain Israel.  Right now, Israel has a brilliant hawk leading her; she has a population that, for the first time, isn’t riven by a peace movement that keeps thinking you can negotiate with people who want only to kill you; and she has an increasingly clear understanding that nothing that the Obama administration requests or suggests will be good for her.  She may, therefore, start moving unilaterally and wisely in her own defense.

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  • http://phillips.blog.com phillips1938

    I concur 100%.  I’m another Jew who wasn’t and idiot.

  • 11B40

    I have to admit that I am disappointed by the current Israeli government.  I have read several books about Israel’s history, “1948”, “Six Days of War” and “The Yom Kippur  War” and I just can’t process how warriors like Prime Minister Netanyahu, Defense Minister Barak,and even Ambassador Oren can put up with the treatment being dealt out by the Obama administration.  For quite a while now, I have been hoping that the Israelis would wake up to the idea that their best chance for the future would be to incorporate the “West Bank” into Israel proper and offer the “palestinians” some kind of Sudetenland opportunity to relocate to “Jordan” proper.  When I think about all the lives and economic resources that have been squandered in the last century and this, the “palestinians” could have been bought out many times over. The Arabs, tribalists that they are, know that they have hold of the West’s teat and they will never let go while there is no real risk to their position.  Take them to the river, point them to the east and give them a decent headstart.

  • http://photoncourier.blogspot.com David Foster

    Also, Israel recently did a successful test of their “Iron Dome” antimissile system, which is supposed to be able to shoot down kassams.

    Remember all the years when Democrats mocked missile defense?

  • Judy K. Warner

    Israel would be much better off if it stopped taking aid from us. With its vibrant economy, now humming along at a much better rate than ours, surelyit  is capable of doing without our money. (I almost said “our charity,” but we probably get as much advantage from our aid to Israel as Israel does from taking our aid, so it’s not exactly charity.)  It would remove a big source of blackmail and resentment, and might give Israel a morale boost. And it would shock the heck out of Obama and his minions, who probably can’t imagine anyone voluntarily turning down money.

  • Gringo

    According to the CIA World Factbook, Israel has a per capita income of  around $28,000. That says to me that Israel doesn’t need any stinkin’ US aid. Tell NObama to shove it.

  • Charles Martel

    Israel can and will take care of her enemies. Too bad that the Chance the  Man-child is determined to make the United States one of them.

    Book, I hold out little hope for American Jews. For all of the things I love about them—their humor, their intelligence, their basic decency—there is still a lot of shtetl passivity and conformity left in them. Like black Americans, who have been plantationized, most U.S. Jews live in a ghetto and fool themselves into thinking they are wise for doing so and privileged that are empowered to pick out the color of the ideological watchtowers  that loom over them. I don’t think all that many of them will wake up in time to help the rest of us start picking up the pieces after The One finishes carrying out his Marxist-choreographed train wreck.

  • http://photoncourier.blogspot.com David Foster

    Cutting off U.S. aid to Israel would not be fatal to that country..however, an embargo on spare parts for military equipment might be, depending on how extensive the locally-maintained stockpiles are.
    Would Obama do such a thing? Six months ago, I would have said it was virtually impossible; now, I’m not so sure.

  • binadaat

    we ought to have Evelyn Gordon and Caroline Glick running this country.
    Stopping aid to Israel could hurt the economy here.
    The US doesn’t write checks to us.  We don’t get cash like the PA Kleptocracy.
    Most of the aid is trade. The US promises to buy from Israel military, telecommunications and other tech items.  It also pays Israel to maintain or upgrade the same items.
    To 11B40:
    from the http://www.augeanstables.com
    “…the structure of the bargain required to be struck between [Israel] and the Arabs seems inherently irresolvable. For whatever appears to be even minimally adequate…for Israel, seems to be totally inadequate… for the Arabs“.
    Martin Sherman, The Politics of Water in the Middle East (Macmillan,1999), p. 94
    ” …the maximum that any government of Israel will be ready to offer the Palestinians and still survive… is much less than the minimum that any Palestinian leader can accept.”
    Maj. Gen. Giora Eiland, former head of Israel’s National
    Security Council, The Future of the Two-State Solution 2009
    and the problem won’t end with the Palestinians since we have offended the honour of all muslims (small “m” intentional), they will come after us until the messiah comes, everywhere in the world.  Buenos Aires, Mumbai, and Turkey just a few of the more dramatic examples.  Nassrallah, (imach shmo) has said as much clearly and of course, our good fanatics in Iran, remind us constantly.  I recently read that they’ve been preaching (iranian clerics) against the Little satan since the mid-sixties.  So ahead of their time…

  • 11B40

    Greetings:  especially   “binadaat”
    I don’t think I have any disagreement with the information you presented.
    Israel has established and defended itself admirably.  It has attempted, perhaps with the patience of Job, to negotiate some kind of resolution with the “palestinians” and their fellow Muslim travelers.  At some point, the Israelis need to accept that they can’t get there from where they are and revert back to their right of conquest to reorder their neighborhood unilaterally.  The Arabs and the Muslims have been caught in Mohammed’s psychological trap for 1400 years, they’re not likely to shake off their Islamic and cultural shackles anytime soon.

  • binadaat

    about US “aid” to Israel. I found this link on Israel Matzav  http://israelmatzav.blogspot.com/
    American aid to Israel in perspective
    In 1985, the year Israel started receiving such high levels of American aid, U.S. taxpayers gave Israel about $3.4 billion in economic and military grants. That year, Israel’s GDP stood at about $24.1 billion in current dollars. American aid constituted about 14 percent of Israel’s GDP — an enormous amount of support for a country struggling with both a severe economic crisis and an ongoing war in Lebanon.
    In 1996, the year Prime Minister Netanyahu addressed a joint session of Congress and declared his aim of ending Israel’s dependence on American aid, total grants came to $3.1 billion, while Israel’s GDP stood at $105 billion. U.S. aid was then only about 3 percent of Israel’s GDP.
    In 2008, U.S. aid was down to about $2.4 billion, while Israel’s GDP was up to $199 billion. We’re talking about 1.2 percent of Israel’s GDP.

  • suek

    Somewhere…I’m thinking it was that Pearl Buck book I read so long ago… I read that Jews “need” persecution to keep them strong.  Something about persecution forcing them into a cohesive group, and lack of persecution allowing them to melt into the populace and lose their unique identity.  It seemed so odd – and even offensive – that it stuck in my mind.
    It’s kind of a horrible thought – especially if it’s true.