My prediction, if the House Democrats swallow the reconciliation bait

I believe more and more strongly that reconciliation is a red herring, meant to induce the House to pass the Senate bill.  Once that’s done, this so called “reconciliation,” an alleged second bill that will smooth away the differences between the two chambers (especially the House’s demand that abortion, which is part of the Senate bill, be excluded from taxpayer funding), will vanish.  Instead, Obama will proclaim that Obama care is a done deal, with the outrageous, huge, convoluted, corruption-riddled Senate bill as the law, and let his Democratic House die in November.  End of story.

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  • Jed Skillman

    If  Democrats pass any current version of the health care bill they will be forced to hold on to the House of Representatives, which handles the nation’s finances, through 2014 otherwise they will leave Republicans in charge of financing.
    Should Republicans win control of the House they need to be clear: cut the funding.  “No dough.  The bill must go.”
    The Democratic Health Care bill is designed to be like Obama’s cigarette habit; they need to get voters hooked on it in order to keep us paying.  Problem is, the puffing isn’t scheduled to begin until 2014.  In the years before that it is pay, pay, pay…

  • Mike Devx

    It’s not unusual for idealogues – especially of the far-left bent – to sacrifice all manner of people to their cause.  In this case we’re talking the political careers of members of the US House.
    What’s unusual is for the victims to go willingly and knowingly to the slaughter.   If these people know *anything*, it’s politics.  They can see what’s about to happen.  So you have to wonder, how will Obama accomplish it?
    I envision that this happened.  Say, about four days ago:
    Obama leads the 40 US House members who are the chosen victims into an obscure brick building, it’s walls aged and soot-stained; a  Federal Reserve placard mounted beside the heavy steel door.  Inside, people are busy, but the many machines in the cavernous room are silent.
    “Gentlemen and ladies”, Obama says.  “Behold!  These are YOUR machines!”
    “Well!” one Congresswoman murmers.  “There are so MANY of them!  But none of them are working.”
    “It takes time to gather enough paper,” Obama assured her, and all of them.  “We’ll be ready in two weeks.  I promise you… and let me be perfectly clear… once we turn on these printing presses, the $50 and $100 dollar bills are going to be rolling 24/7 for months, and all for you.  For you and for your districts alone.  I promise you.  Every single one of these many machines… are yours.”
    And the gleam of avarice in the victims’ eyes was powerful indeed, as the instincts of political self-preservation receded beneath the tide of imagined green.  Off to the side, Rahm Emmanuel smiled.