Berkeley students begin hunger strike to protest Arizona law

I’ve never understood hunger strikes.  That is, I’ve never found them a compelling means of moral persuasion.  To me, they’re a form of emotional blackmail in lieu of reasoned argument.  Still, that doesn’t stop their popularity, and some Berkeley students are now abstaining from food to protest an Arizona law that gives Arizona law enforcement the right to enforce federal law.

Given that a strong majority of Americans support Arizona’s law (perhaps because they have a better understanding of the law and the chaos in Arizona border communities than do Berkeley’s perpetually agitated and undereducated students), I foresee the students either eating or dying without having any effect whatsoever on public policy.

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  • Earl

    Just let them alone…..keep not eating, kids – rid the world of a few more morons!!
    Sorry, but after 50+ years (out of 62) in California, my patience is really thin.
    Watching from the geographic center of Oregon, all I can do is cheer them on!!

  • Charles Martel

    The demand that the university oppose the Arizona immigration law is just the tip of the iceberg. The S.F. Chronicle story about the hunger strike goes on to say:

    “Other demands include: rehiring 27 janitors laid off this year because of budget cuts, dropping the disciplinary charges, rewriting the student conduct code with the participation of students, creating a task force to ensure that undocumented students are ensured the same services as other students and declaring the Berkeley campus a sanctuary that will not cooperate with immigration raids.”

    The choreography here is very predictable. The hunger strikers know full well that the administration can’t accede to all of their demands, but will to some. This is the old leftist “throw some spaghetti on the wall and see what sticks” routine. The administration will accompany its concessions with the usual declarations of support for diversity, while the students will declare a partial victory (“We stand proud that our action has led to the restoration of Spanish-language instructions on the university’s trash cans. Si se puede!”) and call off the strike out of concern for the health of participants in the face of Establishment indifference to their physical and psychic pain.

    If somehow we enter an alternate universe and the administration holds firm, the strikers will switch to another classic leftist ploy: create a situation where the police have to intervene. Voila! The forced end to the strike will produce sympathetic Whore Media accounts of the pigs trampling poor students’ rights and an opportunity for blowhard striker spokesmen to drone through their talking points for the umpteenth time. (It will also give our earnest moral superiors an excuse to hit In-and-Out for some double cheeseburgers.)

    Whatever the outcome, folks like us will be the losers. A great majority of the hunger strikers will go on to become community organizers, academicians, government workers, officers in leftist non-profits and National Lawyers Guild-type advocates—in other words, members of the permanent parasite class.  

    And you know who gets to pay for them.

  • Earl

    “Whatever the outcome, folks like us will be the losers.”
    Not at all, Charles…..if it ends the way I envision, we’ll be rid of them forever!!

  • Indigo Red

    With America’s kids being overweight, this might be a good strategy for rectifying the problem. Mickey Obama should jump on board with this.

  • Marguerite

    Let them stop eating!  Please.  Many of them.  And in this manner decrease the world’s surplus population!! 

  • SJBill

    I’m soooo happy they accepted my generous offer of a non-lunch. I hope to continue said offer for as long  necessary – weeks or months.


    Let them eat cake … oh wait, is that still allowed in California.
    I see a silly script in the making…Food Police in full ( laugh) riot gear move in on the demonstrators throwing all manner of  fatty foods in the direction of the protesters (organically grown, of course). Confused and hungry the crowds disperse not knowing whether to eat, fast or run.

  • Jose

    In my fantasy world… after they lose all their baby fat and get expelled, they are drafted.

  • suek

    >>crowds disperse not knowing whether to eat, fast or run.>>
    Silly Sadie…
    They’ll eat fast and run…!

  • socratease

    They should all get a free bus ride and a month off from studies to pitch a tent on one of the Arizona ranches near the border where hundreds of illegal aliens a day pass through and the smugglers (of both humans and drugs) have gunfights every night.  There they can apply their superior empathy in helping our new immigrant friends first-hand and show us conservatives how wrong we all are by their example.

  • Earl

    Perfect, socratease!!
    It will be cheap, because we won’t even have to pack them a lunch!!


    Excellent, socratease.  Camp Chaos – I am in for a one-way ticket.

  • suek

    We probably shouldn’t spoil their fun by suggesting that they read this:

  • Rhymes With Right


  • zabrina

    Socratease (great name) has actually hit upon a good point. Why don’t these overprivileged students volunteer to do something concretely helpful and compassionate on the border instead of indulging in pretend-fasting and moronic street theater in the safe cocoon of their university? Because then they’d actually have to make true sacrifices and inconvenience themselves for others, instead of inconveniencing others for themselves. These youngsters and other such pranksters deserve to be soundly shamed for their pseudo-important posing.

  • JKB

    Well, I support their right not to eat.  In fact, I’m opposed to any intervention to stop these students from exercising their civil rights.  However, given the dangerous nature of their personal choice, I’d have a few cans of Vienna sausages and Spam stored nearby for emergencies.
    Think about it, if they die, their caskets will be really light.

  • Ymarsakar

    Burn baby burn

  • Danny Lemieux

    I think you are all so negative. I believe these students should be encouraged for sticking up with their beliefs. I recommend finding out where they are holding their hunger strike and setting up a BBQ grill to sell grilled chicken, burgers, hot dogs etc. to raise money for the cause…directly upwind from them, of course.

  • suek

    Good idea, Danny.
    And a bake sale – don’t you think?

  • Ymarsakar

    And video tape them eating while we ask them how good it feels being on a hunger strike.

  • Charles Martel

    One thing we’re forgetting is the lack of moral fiber among extreme leftists. I don’t doubt for an instant that these hunger strikers have arranged for surreptitious feedings, either under cover of darkness or via heavily fortified beverages (can’t have ’em dehydrate, can we?), or medicines (“I’m diabetic,” “I’m hypoglycemic”).

    Another old trick in the leftist arsenal—and remember, the strikers’ sympathetic onlookers have been well trained in doublethink—is to rotate strikers so that people drop in for a day or two of noble suffering, then rotate out to be replaced by another schmo. The individual identities of the strikers don’t count, only the raw number of [interchangeable] strikers and cumulative hours of sacrifice. The media and sympathizers will see nothing wrong with the ploy since the end always justifies the means. 

    The only thing I’d add to Danny’s great idea is a large outdoor fan to push the smells strikerward. Maybe we could also set up a screen and show the famous eating-seduction scene from “Tom Jones.”