Color me stupid, but I don’t know why legal immigrants support illegal immigration

Turns out that Hispanics, who are probably as misinformed as Eric Holder about the actual contents of the Arizona immigration law, are opposed to it in vast numbers.  I don’t get it.  When the illegal immigrants pour into American communities, bringing with them all their pathologies (gangs, drugs, alcoholism, violence, and poverty), they’re not coming to my neighborhood.  Nope.  Instead, these nightmare neighbors are moving into established Hispanic neighborhoods.

If American could control the flow of immigrants, she would be able to say no to gang bangers and drug runners.  But since political correctness disallows our nation a voice into the immigration process, which has become completely self-selecting, every Hispanic community in America gets as its new residents a whole bunch of bad guys.

This, of course, is the insanity of identity politics.  It’s the same insanity that sees gays saying, “Because I’m gay, I must be politically Left, and if I’m politically Left, it must mean I support the beleaguered Palestinians, and I do so despite the fact that Palestinians kills gays, and Palestinian gays are trying to immigrate to the safe haven of Israel.”  (An alternative version of this identity politics line of thinking goes, “Because I’m gay, I must be politically Left, and that means I complain about America bullying poor Iran, despite the fact that Iran is able to boast about the absence of homosexuals only because it routinely kills them.”)

This same identity politics insanity shows up in the black community.  There, you get blacks saying that, “Because I’m black, I have to hate cops, who are all racist pigs, including all the black cops in my community — who, incidentally, are putting their lives on the line to protect me against the number one risk I face:  fellow blacks.”

I’ve also blogged here about the fact that pro-illegal immigration groups, including the same Hispanics who are welcoming predators to their own community, are doing a profound disservice to those Hispanics (the vast majority, really) who remain behind in Latin America, especially in Mexico.  As long as these governments have America as a safety valve to which they can send their criminals and poorest people, and from which they can get vast sums of money that illegal immigrants (who are not emotionally invested in America) send home, these governments, especially Mexico, have no interest in changing their feckless and corrupt ways.  And as long as they continue to be feckless and corrupt, their citizens continue to suffer.

So color me stupid, or perplexed, or maybe just unfettered by identity politics, but it makes absolutely no sense to me that American Hispanics oppose a law that will improve the quality of their own lives, as well as the lives of Hispanics remaining behind in their countries of origin.

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  • Charles Martel

    The blood of racism runs thicker than the clear water of rationality. Remember that the vast majority of U.S. Mexicans attend government schools, so they’ve had a long time to ingest the poison of victimhood and the unstated notion that every Mexican who arrives here, no matter how naughty he is, is a fellow member of La Raza and a fellow warrior in the retaking of Aztlan.

    Besides, it’s the fault of the United States that people are forced to sneak in. We’ve stolen their land, oil, rule of law, entrepreneurial spirit, decent hospitals, uncorrupted courts, love of education, Salma Hayek and recipes, and, by golly, they’ve come to get them back.

    For the poor souls still trapped in the barrio (as well as their victimhood), it’s probably not a good idea to come out against illegal immigration. There are too many neighborhood busybodies and armed vatos locos sniffing the air for dissent to crush.

    For the affluent Mexicans who’ve escaped their “colorful” (that’s libspeak for an urban s**thole that has festivals every few months) old neighborhoods, they know they can’t be accepted as sophisticates who have moved beyond their dirt-floor origins until they absorb and parrot the white elite’s hatred for the United States.

  • Indigo Red

    It’s really very simple to understand once word construction and new definitions are understood. To you and me the two words “illegal” and “immigrant” have two separate and independent meanings. As individual words used in contexts other than borders, liberals and their followers would agree with the usual meanings. However, when the two words are paired, “illegal” loses the common meaning and is incorporated into “immigrant” so that the two words become one. Conservatives say ‘illegal immigrant’ to mean a foreign person of any nationality or color who has entered a country without permission generally for an indefinite period of time, as in forever. Liberals and followers say ‘illegalimmigrant’ to mean people of color who live wherever they damned well please, not needing any stinking permissions. This has been common with the English language. At one time not long ago, there was week end, then week-end, and finally weekend; to-morrow, to-day, aero-plane, hyper-inflation, have lost their hyphons. Another word has migrated in meaning and form in much the  same way and has changed the way society thinks about both words. When Einstein was working on his relativity theories, physicists spoke of space and time. As understanding grew of the nature of space and time, “and” was replaced with “/” to incate there was a relationship between the two concepts. Now, it’s not uncommon to see the single word ‘spacetime’ as the two concepts are really the same thing. And for some words, no agreement has been reached for spellings – cell phone or cellphone, for example, and soon the whole idea of phone (shortened from telephone) will be obsolete. Whereas, most words are shortened from the original or incorpoate the two meanings to create another similar meaning, ‘illegalimmigrant’ was lengthened to mean simply ‘immigrant.’ So, any person who comes to live and work in the US is an illegalimmigrant to the liberal mind. Legal immigrants, however, means White interlopers who stole the land from and oppress the illegalimmigrants. Welcome to the brave new bizarro Orwellian world where nothing is as it seems and means nothing and everything at any and every momentary whim.

  • Al

    Hi BW,
    Never color yourself stupid. It’s the other side that is using the crayons. You’re thinking like an adult. (GASP!) You’re following the thread of thought to it’s logical conclusion. You’re looking at the consequenses of their actions.

  • Ymarsakar

    This is why the Left is evil. It is not a matter of compromise to create an imperfection solution for a future. The Left will destroy any concept of a future in which things get better.
    They cannot be worked with because the more human shields you allow them to use, the more powerful they become. The more powerful they become, the less problems will be fixed for they perpetuate these problems in order to maintain and progress their power base.
    Any compromise will be a sham. They will win everything and you will be left with nothing. An IOU perhaps.
    The ordinary American or even Republican response to the Left has been a total failure. You can’t deal with these people’s ideologies by trying to fix them or give them what they want. What they want, what they need, is your total obliteration. What you need to survive is not on their list at all. They don’t care how many criminals you have to deal with. You’re their buffer zone. You’re here to absorb the anger of the masses. The Left will have the money, power, and influence to ensure that they will command the life and very existence of self-identified victim groups.
    The Left will back down when Islam wants something from them. The Left will backdown when violent criminals and corrupt oligarchs demand things. The Left will negotiate and compromise and deal with dictators, mass murderers, and sadists, but they will not deal with you and your people. They’re planning on cutting your legs off at the knee and taking everything from you. They don’t need to deal with you, compromise with you, or bargain. They can just take what they want. And if they don’t have the political power to do it, they’ll get that power by enlarging victim groups, manufacturing crises that they will then step up to solve if only people would give them more authority and power.
    If the masses of blacks and Hispanics get angry at the status quo, so what? The white libs will say that it is the fault of America, so give Democrats more power and they will transform America. It doesn’t matter if you try to fix the problem. They will not let you fix the problem. They will not let you protect human rights. They will step in your way and use every resource in their possession to make sure that the right people suffer.
    They will never, ever allow you to improve conditions. For only in misery and economic destitute does the true totalitarian gain total control.

  • Ymarsakar

    And do you know why they won’t deal with you? Because everybody else they can ally with, because everybody else just wants to make things better for their own bank accounts. Criminals can be bought. Terrorists can be appeased or at least given Jews as sacrificial gambits.
    You of the conservative alliance, can’t be bought or dealt with. Thus you must be destroyed. Once they gain the power to railroad you over, they’ll do it. If you have a car dealership that they can take, they’ll take it. If you have investments that the Unions want to take from you, they will take it from you and you can then spend more money in court in fighting the maze of government bureaucracy.
    Americans will never defeat the Left, never defeat Islam, until Americans have just as strong a motivation to destroy the Left and Islamofascists as they have for us. There is no compromise available on this issue. Weaklings and facilitators sitting on the fence thinking they can hedge their bets because Muslims only attack certain people, will be swept away.
    Winning. Victory. The Left has made these obsolete concepts to vast portions of America and the world. Islam has taken advantage of this, for they have a clear vision of what victory is and what they will pay to get it. That’s why Islam trumps the Left, and the Left trumps America. It’s a triangle relationship.
    America can beat Islam overseas with the right determination and desire for victory over evil. But the Left beats America at home because Americans don’t like to fight the Left on a domestic insurgency level. They like to ignore em. Pretend the Left has “good intentions” and can be “dealt with” politically. Why, it’s natural and wholesome and healthy to even elect Democrat Presidents because that “balances” things out. Of course, Islam then comes unto the scene and totally BFs the Left on the domestic front. Islam is out to conquer, not to appease, and the Left knows their masters when they see them.
    We beat Islam overseas, Islam beats the Left on our homefront after allowing the Left to undermine American power at home. Currently Islam has had little kinetic success here in the US, so they haven’t taken over the territory the Left has carved out. But if we wait any longer, Islam’s military forces will take the fight to us and the Left will be ready to open the gates. The Left will be promised immunity and influence. More Islamic voters for the Democrat party. More black voters for the Islamic party. More control of hispanic voters and conservative movements via Islamic violence that won’t be connected to the Left but “religious extremists”. As Britain’s deal was supposed to be.
    It won’t matter if we clean out Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, or Saudi Arabia, should Islam take over all the institutions that the Left has conquered here at home. We are entrusting America’s internal defense to a bunch of kleptocrats, aristocrats, and robber baron plutocrats. You think they’ll shed one drop of blood for the weak and vulnerable of America? They’ll be the first ones on the treason wagon, assuming they ever got off it.

  • Oldflyer

    If politicians and other influential individuals of  Latino ethnicity would speak out honestly, perhaps they could change the mind-set.  Asking too much I suppose.  Most of them are racing to get in front of the mob, er parade.
    But, I have been mystified for some time Book.
    Simple logic suggests that the illegal aliens are competing with lawful immigrants for scarce jobs and social services.  I should think that the legals would be very resentful.  Of course I always thought that high achieving Blacks (or should I use some other term now?  I can’t keep up.) would have been resentful of the Quota recipients who tended to cast doubt on their own success.  In another analogy, I expect that one reason so many veterans detested John Kerry was because his manipulation of the process tended to cheapen such awards as the Purple Heart.  Of course, the fact that he betrayed them with his blanket accusations of atrocities had a lot to do with their feelings.

  • suek

    Ran across this link today…
    Amnesty on its way…

  • Danny Lemieux

    I can understand why people would want to stream across the border to leave destitute, corrupt Mexico where people have no future. What I don’t understand is why, when they come here, they want to “take back” the Southwest and turn it back into the very type of society they left.
    The Hispanics that are legally here must know what uncontrolled immigration means to their own future and livelihoods. The world holds 6.8 billion people, many of whom would love to come here if they could. Are the proponents of illegal aliens willing to accept all people who want to come here, as well as their impact on government, infrastructure, the economy and the environment?
    The key, of course, is that the welfare spigots must be turned off. Once that happens, the entire dynamic changes for both legal and illegal Hispanics. The new arrivals that came here during the mass immigration of the late-19th, early-20th centuries had no welfare state crutch to prop them up and they (mostly East European Jews and Italians…two groups despised at the time of their arrival) ended up doing quite well for themselves.

  • Ymarsakar

    ” The Hispanics that are legally here must know what uncontrolled immigration means to their own future and livelihoods.”
    They have no voice. With the language barrier, with the economic barrier, with the social barriers the Left put in, they are meant to stay that way.
    Americans have no problems taking the lead and ditching DC off their backs. Now we have some foreigners that don’t speak the language that come here, how will they organically grow their own Tea Party? Not alone. And not under Leftist thuggery. If we think SEIU is bad. Just imagine the human traffickers, drug bosses, and so forth in the region there.

  • Ymarsakar

    ” Americans have no problems taking the lead and ditching DC off their backs.”
    Should be a positive rather than a negative.

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  • Mike Devx

    I’d like to see a breakdown of legal Hispanics along conservative and liberal lines:
    – How many liberal/Democrat Hispanics support Arizona’s law?
    – How many conservative/Republican Hispanics support Arizona’s law?
    Since I suspect that at least 75% of legal Hispanics are Democrats, I also suspect that the “overwhelming” opposition among Hispanics to the Arizona law is nothing more than liberal vs conservative positions.
    I’ve been mostly away from the internet for two months, but from what little I have seen, the Obama Admin has done a good job deceptively painting the Arizona bill as hostile to Hispanics, and the liberals are mostly still swallowing the Obama propaganda hook, line, and sinker.

  • Mike Devx

    Here’s a link to a Pew poll indicating that 73% of Americans support the Arizona law, and that only 25% support Obama’s position (only 8% of Republicans).
    So that overwhelming opposition among Hispanics still seems highly likely to me to be a conservative/liberal split, than any indicator of Hispanics behaving as a racist bloc.  Until I see something that indicates that conservative Hispanics specificially are oppposed to the bill…