The Left will never abandon the U.S.S. Obama *UPDATED*

With increasing frequency, we hear reports about the Left’s growing disaffection with Obama.  The media, for example, is hostile to the fact that Obama doesn’t even bother to hide his disdain for them.  This is not just media pique resulting from unreasonably high expectations.  Obama is quite explicit about his unwillingness to have anything to do with the media that elevated him to the White House.  There is no better example than his walking away from questions after signing the Press Freedom Act:

“Speaking of press freedoms,” began Chip Reid of CBS before launching into a question about the Gulf Coast oil spill.

Obama didn’t bite.

“You are free to ask them,” Obama said. “I’m not doing a press conference today.”

It was only the severity of the Oil spill that finally caused Obama to break his self-imposed silence.  His dismal performance, of course, helped explain why he kept himself sequestered for almost an entire year.

And speaking of that spill, although the press tried to cover for him in the first few days, refusing to acknowledge that his response made George Bush look like a whirlwind of activity in the wake of Katrina, people are getting pretty jaded now.  Even James Carville found himself unable to hold back regarding the White House’s abysmal efforts.

The angry drum beat goes on when it comes to reports of despair from Obama’s most devoted followers:  American Jews.  Jews, whose support for Obama in 2008 was exceeded only by blacks’ support for Obama, have watched him use Israel as his whipping boy.  They are slowly coming to terms with two facts:  First, it was a lie that reducing support for Israel would decrease Muslim hostility to America.  Those of us who understand the Muslim response to strong and weak horses, were not at all surprised to learn that, rather than making Muslims more friendly to us, it simply allowed them to view America as a weak horse, ready for any jackal.  Second, it is apparent that Obama does not like Jewish Jews.  He’s comfortable around Jews who have elevated their Leftist political beliefs over their Jewish identity, but real Jews — yech.

Gays are not happy with Obama either.  Although there now appears to be some movement on repealing DADT, it took a year and a half of angry agitating to make it happen.  And even now, DADT’s opponents understand that the Democrats and Obama built into the bill a loop-hole that still allows the military to put the kibosh on the whole thing.  What the military eventually does remains to be seen, but those who want DADT dumped into history’s trash heap do not appreciate that, with Obama, a promise is not a promise, it’s just a political maneuver.

Obama’s anti-war constituency is also not pleased.  After all, this is a president whose pre-election statements were as anti-War as could be.  He opposed the war every step of the way, and was open in his hostility to the military.  Even now that he’s Commander in Chief of that same military, his hostility and disrespect continue unabated.  Still, despite his statements and his attitude, he not only has troops in Iraq, he’s escalating the war in Afghanistan.  The anti-War crowd feels abandoned and they’re out for blood.

On immigration too, Obama is worrying his followers.  Sure he insulted the Arizona law (so much easier than actually reading the law), and sure he’s made noises about immigration reform, but the only thing he’s actually done is to announce that he’s sending 1,200 National Guard troops down south to patrol the border.  People who appreciate that our Southern border is a vast sieve understand that the 1,200 troops are a meaningless political sop.  With that announcement, though, Obama still managed to infuriate the Open Borders crowd, who see any American presence on the border as a betrayal.

I mention all these stories of liberal disaffection because each time one breaks, I get emails from people or read blog posts and comments that have the same message:  This is it.  The worm is turning.  People will realize that Obama is completely ineffective and a faker, and they will break with him.  To which I say, NEVER!

You have to think of this administration as the U.S.S. Obama.  Back in 2008, when he was elected, the media and the rest of the Left assumed that they’d get first class cabins on the U.S.S. Obama, as it made its light-filled journey to a glorious beach at the Socialist Shores Resort.  They saw it all in their own minds:  They’d be enjoying shuffle board and Cosmos on the Lido Deck, as conservatives swam in the boat’s wake, trying to avoid becoming shark chum.

The media and the Left are now terribly upset (especially the media) because they’re not enjoying luxurious Progressive suites with view windows and private decks.  Instead, they’ve found themselves banished to steerage on the U.S.S. Obama.  The quarters are pathetic, the captain refuses to dine with them, and the ship’s crew is ineffectual and often corrupt.

Despite these travails, however, no one is going to jump ship.  It may have turned into what their delicate sensibilities perceive as “the cruise from Hell,” but they still know that this is a ship heading to the golden shores of socialism.  Their philosophy is that there is no way are they going to abandon their rat-infested cabins and join the conservatives who are still swimming along behind, periodically making a hungry shark happy.   What matters to them isn’t the journey itself, it’s Journey’s End.  They have faith that, if they remain on board, the ship’s disrepair, the down grade in their accommodations, and the crew’s corruption, inefficiency and lies will do nothing to stop the U.S.S. Obama’s inevitable trajectory.

UPDATE:  Here’s a sweet little example of the media love affair gone sour — but please don’t confuse it with an impulse to mutiny or abandon ship.

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  • jj

    Very good.  As I have said:  there are no blue, hound, coon, wet, lost, or any other kind of dog democrats.  There are only democrats.  They are democrats first, last, and always – period.

  • Spartacus

    I’m reminded of that 1945 picture of the Gestapo official who shot himself when Das Reich fell, and is seen on the floor next to his desk, clutching to his bosom in rigor mordis a picture of Der Fuhrer.  (It’s a real picture, but my mind may be filling in some details.)
    Still, some rats estimate their swimming abilities quite highly, and if the ship is heading toward the rocks and the first officer — the one who, with her husband, used to be the captain — looks to be launching a lifeboat or staging a mutiny, who knows?

  • Ymarsakar

    The hated foe never disappears. You can only bury them in the sea, for a time, until some future generation is overcome by the tidal wave of its resurgence.

  • BrianE

    Great analogy!  I think it would also work if the USS Obama were the Titanic and we’re all on board headed for Hotel California.


    OMG…we’re living on Gilligan’s Island – sludge on the shores and sleaze on  land.
    Michelle is no Maryann and this Gilligan is still a screw up.

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  • Mike Devx

    No, the left will never give up on Obama.  There is a hard 25% that will continue to Strongly Approve of him no matter what happens.  They are clinging to a Socialist Dream and Obama is the incarnate Dream for them.  It is physically and mentally impossible for them to abandon him.
    Don’t waste your time with that 25%.  They include the far left and, unfortunately, much of the mainstream media.  (It’s the Dream, remember… not their faux attempts at “neutrality” that they give you while on camera and writing their pithy editorials.  It’s the Dream, they’ve bought into it, and they will never let it go.)
    Focus on the middle.  All the unmet promises from that centrist campaign.  Throw all those words back in Candidate Obama’s face.  (Words? Just Words?  Words matter!)   Well, it’s about time we made Candidate Obama’s words on the campaign matter.  He gets away with all those false statements because no one can remember them.  But those false words are the reason he won.  He lulled them to sleep.  Let’s wake em up.  Let’s help them remember all the Candidate LIES.  Lies that they trusted.

  • Charles Martel

    What Mike said.

    While we’re at it, I’m hoping the RNC or some 527 creates a 30-second video of all the bows and scrapes The One has made over the past 18 months in the general direction of dictators’ asses. I’m sure Americans will love being reminded that a nancy boy is repping us.

  • David Foster

    “I’m hoping the RNC or some 527 creates a 30-second video of all the bows and scrapes The One has made over the past 18 months”…that would demonstrate some level of marketing competence, so the RNC won’t do it.
    I get 5-10 pounds of political direct mail each week, and I continue to be amazed at what awful marketeers Republican organizations tend to be. It’s bad enough when companies waste shareholder money on incompetent marketing, but this is a lot more important.


    I’ve requested from my local RNC printouts of a PDF. There is no shortage of material on Joe Sestak and oddly enough, it seems to be growing like a fungus daily.
    I got the thumbs up to stuff mailboxes in my building [lots of elderly liberals] and the rest to be handed out near the poling booth as legally permitted. Point being, all politics are local and we have to be creative and stream line the message to the appropriate audience. After reviewing the PDF, I knew it was a nugget that had to be shared. Obviously, the RNC should tailor one message for the Gulf region and should broaden the message to include the masses.