He is a big guy in every way

I am crazy abut this politician:

We have some spectacular young guns in the conservative party.  The problem is timing.  I don’t know if any will be ready by 2012, and it may be too late by 2016.

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  • Mike Devx

    Why do I fear that the Republican establishment would like to see Governor Christie go away, just go away?  He’s upsetting the applecart.  He would never just put up with the status quo.  He’s not an elitist apparatchik that will dutifully follow the party poobahs.  He says things that upset people.  The horror!  The horror!  We wouldn’t want to upset anyone, now, would we?
    He looks, talks and walks like a man’s man; I bet he’d choose the wrong cheese at a wine-tasting fundraiser.  how gauche!  How embarrassing!  Why, he’d even overcook arugula.  We’d never recover from faux pas like these.
    In truth, we need a messenger for 2012.  Someone with a message, who is well able to *communicate* that message, and in a way the American People can understand at a deep, instinctive level, and that they emotionally respond to.  Someone, as well, that they just gosh-darn LIKE.    A truth-teller who can “get away” with telling the unpleasant truths that we face, and who doesn’t pay a price for it; in fact, people respond to it and respect the truth-telling.
    Governor Christie has shown every sign – so far – of meeting the tests, of standing up to the Democrat assassins as they keep coming at him, trying to draw blood, expose weaknesses, bring him down to the ground so their jackals can finish the killing job.  To this point he’s doing great.  Keep an eye on him for 2012!   Thick skinned and able to take punch after punch, he sure seems to be the anti-Obama in every way I can think of.

  • Al

    Yes, Christie is one of the rising stars in the Republican firmament. But we need him here for eight years. The Byzantine aspect of New Jersey politics is exceeded only by Chicago. Christie is the guy who will help us return to the position of being the garden of the ideals and ideas of freedom.
    And yes, he will make an excellent president.

  • Mike Devx

    Politics and election years are strange things.  It *could* actually be better for  the USA, in the long run, to have Obama reelected in 2012 and the House barely stay in Democrat hands in 2012, with only the Senate switching even by then.
    I say that because that is what it may take for the Socialist Utopians to finally be thoroughly discredited.  They may need that extra four years to fully construct the rope by which they hang themselves.  It may take that long for the American People to actually be ready to thoroughly abandon all these ridiculous programs.  Strangely enough, it’s possible that by partially losing the battle (of 2012), we could decisively win the war.
    You never know.  We were already in a hopeless fiscal situation due to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, even before the 2008 elections.  Obama has made that fiscal situation so much worse, that now things are obvious to even more people.  But to enough of them?  Perhaps not… not yet.  What if we were to win in 2010 and 2012, only to play the same old game: To simply hold the line, while the shouting and the fighting just kept going on.
    The only hope is a severe, drastic reduction in the size of the national government.  And I mean DRASTIC.   Government employment is > 50% of all of our jobs; the private sector, already, less than 50%.  The national government must be shrunk by at least  a third, with a corresponding curtailment in every way of all the power that it has seized.  For that to happen, the Socialist Utopians must be thoroughly discredited.  We may need them to stay mostly in power through, until the elections of 2014 nnd 2016, for us to actually have a chance to save our country.
    I’d like to see a great messenger like Christie run in 2012.  Perhaps it wouldn’t be the end of the world for the Dems to win again, as I describe above.  We could set our table, set the message in 2012, for the big win in 2016.  Christie will have had his seasoning with eight years of New Jersey governorship,  And as Al wishes above in #2, those in New Jersey will only have benefitted, and he’ll have been fully vetted by a poisonous war against him by the Democrats and the MSM, which he’ll have to win.  AND he will have had that early run (as with Reagan in 76) at the Presidency.  Governor Jan Brewer of Arizona could be ready.  Sarah Palin could be rehabilitated and gotten her rough edges smoothed out.  Paul Ryan.  Various others.  The Republican Party – which is STILL not at all ready nor deserving to be given back the reins of power – could be fully reformed from its mistakes and corruption by then.
    2012 could be our year.  But maybe 2016 might be better.  Never give up the fight.

  • Charles Martel

    Mike, I don’t think we have that much time. I compare the damage that Obama and his statists are doing to that of a virulent cancer. The longer you let it rampage, the harder it is to kill it.  Waiting for a magic bullet, namely, self-inflicted wounds and a finally roused immune system, is more than I want to gamble on.

    My real concern isn’t even so much the great damage that Obama is deliberately inflicting on the muscle and sinew of our country as it is my concern about the world at large. America is no longer the defender and enforcer of minimal international norms of decency. I do not want that deeply bent man in the White House to continue to encourage and abet the world’s monsters and madmen to have their way with the rest of us.

    We also have a Supreme Court that is only one or two votes away from being able to totally gut the Constitution and deliver us to a legal system styled on Europe and the UN’s—both of them freedom-hating to their cores. I do not want Obama to have the time to bring that about. 

    Let’s win in November and then royally gum up the works. Proudly admit that we are the “Party of No!” the same way that a dad protecting his children’s virtue will say no to every seduction that comes down the road pretending to be enlightenment or liberation. Frustrate the narcissist—watch him retreat into his anger and outrage, then nail him when his overweaning arrogance finally exposes him to all but the most servile. I can live with Biden. He is a fool, but he is not warped. I can suffer a fool.   

    As for Christie, I will admit that anytime a video of him goes up, I stop what I’m doing to watch. I love the guy. A thousand blessings on his head.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com/ Ymarsakar

    Christie knows where the real power of the Left comes from. He has chosen an issue that is central to the enemy’s power base and not something that could be given away or covered up. Like the hits on ACORN, the enemy literally cannot compromise, thus they inevitably go extreme. And that’s hard to PR up.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com/ Ymarsakar

    Obama won’t just make the situation worse. He’ll make it so that even if people wanted to get a better life, they can’t. Teachers have to pay union dues. So do other serf classes.
    The power of the Left lies in making things worse. Because at a certain fundamental level, their enemies can no longer maintain the rule of law. The Left benefits under the rule of law, and thus they won’t lose no matter what happens. If the rule of law goes away, they rule. If the rule of law is corrupted, they become immune to some consequences for crimes. If the rule of law is in full force, all they have to do is to obey the law, like Ayers, and not get caught again. Then they’ll be golden.
    But we can only function in 2 out of 3 states, preferably only one of the 3: just and equitable laws.
    The power of entropy isn’t to make things better or more orderly or with more usable energy to do work. The power of entropy destroys and decays with the passing of time. To create requires energy. To destroy, requires far less energy. The Left, because they are weak and cowardly, favor the path of subversion and poison. Allowing time for the poison to run its course becomes fatal.

  • Zhombre

    Christie, Brewer, Perry, Barbour, Daniels, Pawlenty: it’s my sincere hope that from that bench of Republican governors one will step up to the plate, knock one out of the park and whip the pants off the Empty Suit.

  • Mike Devx

    Charles Martel (#4):
    > Win in November and then royally gum up the works. […] Frustrate the narcissist—watch him retreat into his anger and outrage, then nail him when his overweaning arrogance finally exposes him to all but the most servile.

    Frustrating the Narcissist-In-Chief for the last two years of his sole term!  Now that would be genuinely grand.  And entertaining, and a blissful pleasure to watch happen.

    I certainly don’t want to have to wait for 2016 either.  Just making the point that you never know.  After all, the far-left thought with the election of Obama they’d reached their nirvana.  And most of them thought it signalled a permanent and large realignment of the American People.  It’s pretty clear THAT is not true.  But yes, I agree,  taking the Senate in 2010 – barely possible – and then the House and Presidency in 2012 would be very good for the country.  Hopefully we’d gain the mandate for significant changes to right the sinking ship.

  • suek

    >>Frustrating the Narcissist-In-Chief for the last two years of his sole term!>>
    Heh.  In my dreams…!
    First I want a super majority(in both houses – might as well dream big!).  Then I want a serious investigation into whether he was legally eligible to be president.  If the answer is yes, then move on to passing stuff he hates and when he vetoes it, pass it over his veto.  If the answer is no, then not only overturn anything and everything he’s signed, but throw him in jail as well as those highly placed Democrats that knowingly promoted him and stated that he was legal.
    I know there’s more to wish for, but I haven’t gotten there yet…!


    As long as we’re in agreement about Chris Christie – let the campaign begin. I have the slogan ready to go:
    YES, Virginia, YES New Jersey, YES California, YES New York, YES Iowa – There is a Santa Chris.

  • Charles Martel

    “YES, Virginia, YES New Jersey, YES California, YES New York, YES Iowa – There is a Santa Chris.”

    SADIE, after Obama has imposed sharia law on us, I fully intend to take you as my second bride.


    Charles Martel, you smooth talker.
    (((sigh))) always a burkah never a bride.

  • http://bookwormroom.com Bookworm

    Honest to God, I don’t know what wonderful things I’ve done in this life (or, perhaps, a past one), to deserve you guys!