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    Great link.  Found the following today:
    “The larger danger to America is not Barack Obama, but a citizenry dumb enough to entrust such a man with the presidency. It will be easier to undo the malevolent acts of  Obama (with the help and full approval of the Democrat-controlled congress) than to restore good judgment to an electorate willing to vote for such a man for president.
    —Obama is merely a symptom of what ails our nation; the real problem is far more serious: the large number of Americans willing to vote for a man so obviously unqualified to be president.
    —Our republic can survive a Barack Obama.  But once the “moron” sector of the electorate consistently exceeds half the voters, we cannot survive in a form that would bear any resemblance to the nation in which we were raised.”
    Second observation:  In our zeal to get this country back on the right track, Conservatives need to avoid being seen as anti-*Obama*, but rather against Leftist policies in general.  Obama’s ghastly programs (ObamaCare, Cap&Trade, Card check) could not be passed without the full support of Democrats in congress.  Keep the focus on *Dems*, not mainly Obama, or we’ll pay a disproportionate long-term price.

  • Mike Devx

    > But once the “moron” sector of the electorate consistently exceeds half the voters, we cannot survive in a form that would bear any resemblance to the nation in which we were raised.”

    But the concept of the article is that, yes, the voters *have* repudiated enough of these insanely leftist Democrats to leave them without a functioning majority.  Therefore, during the lame duck session, they will enact their revenge by passing extremely unpopular programs that devastate our economy and way of life.   A more hostile act against the American people’s voting wishes, and against our very representative form of democracy, can hardly be imagined.

    It would mean the absolute end of collegiality in the Senate.  Or if it DOESN’T end collegiality in the Senate, then every Republican should be tarred and feathered for being spineless, worthless wimps for not fighting back.  We should run every single one of THEM out on the rails, too, if they do not understand one very basic thing about such a lame duck session:

    IT WOULD MEAN TOTAL POLITICAL WAR.  Take no prisoners, offer no truces, no compromises.  Absolutely not one ounce of mercy.  Scorched earth, nuclear blasts everywhere the eye can see.  IF the Republicans can’t get their act together in the face of such a lame-duck betrayal, they would deserve nothing.

    Following the lame-duck session, every time a House or Senate member steps up to speak who voted for the travesty measures, catcalls and whistles should descend in a chaotic chorus.  While speaking he or she should not be drowned out, but unrest should simmer visibly and audibly in the background.  Once finished, the cacophony of catcalls and derisive whistling should descend in voluminous  chorus again.   No mercy, absolutely no mercy, I MEAN IT.  Not one ounce of politeness, anymore.


  • Mike Devx

    Needless to say, the jeering should commence during the lame duck session while the odious, monstrouos legislation is being passed.  The American people will pay attention and will remember – IF enough of a spectacle is raised to draw their attention to what is happening, to what has happened to their democracy.
    They’ll remember all the way to 2012, if it is handled with passion and long-term commitment.  Such a lame-duck session could result in a permanent conservative realignment if the Democrats upend all political protocol the way they plan to.  And I mean a conservative revolution of sorts even within the Democrat party as well.
    But a highly memorable spectacle of resistance must be created that the American people would remember.

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    on 23 Jun 2010 at 11:20 am
    Heh..  I had to go back up and make sure that wasn’t Y commenting…!!!
    Got your back up a bit, eh???

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    Nah, Ymar analyzes, I just sometimes get wildly angry and spout!