Saturday morning open thread

Yet another swim meet, so I’ll be incommunicado blog-wise for a while.  Hope you all are enjoying a great Saturday.

Meanwhile, I’ll leave you with something from an age of sophisticated lyrics:

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  • JKB

    For amusement, here is San Francisco in Jell-O.  Quite accurate, colorful, wobbly and slightly off kilter:
    City Made of Jelly
    For tears, here is the federal government’s plan for border security:
    Post Warnings Signs and close American soil to Americans.  BTW, sign is 80 miles north of the border
    “Despite the signs, the Sonoran Desert National Monument does remain open.  That is not the case for 3,500 acres of public land closer to the border.  Authorities have closed parts of the Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge, saying that the threat posed by drug and human smugglers makes that area too dangerous to remain open.”


    In my most sarcastic tone:
    3,500 acres have been seceded to Mexico, which thoroughly explains why President Lance-a-lot-of-land has refused to shore the borders – they no longer are OURS!
    How far we have come from 40 acres and a mule to 3,500 acres and a jackass.

  • Mike Devx

    “Mr. President!”
    “Yes, Chalmers?”
    “I just received word concerning the state of Arizona.  It appears parts of Arizona are under the explicit control of foreigners.  Narco-terrorists, to be specific, Sir, from Mexico.  American citizens are not free to travel there, because it is too dangerous.  Effectively, Sir, those three counties are no longer to be considered part of America, because they are under the control of foreign entities.”
    What would Obama say?
    “Is there anyone there I can bow to?  Maybe that would help.”
    What would Reagan say?
    “Do we have, say, five guys in Special Ops who need to practice their wilderness night-time sharp-shooting skills?”


    “Do we have, say, five guys in Special Ops who need to practice their wilderness night-time sharp-shooting skills?”

    Mike Devx, let’s make it easier – start with anyone standing.

  • Charles


    I’ve had a real bad week and so needed a good laugh:

    “3,500 acres and a jackass.” That has so made my day!

    Especially the jackass part.

    Thanks, I will be chuckling all day!

  • Mike Devx

    Sadie #4:
    > Mike Devx, let’s make it easier – start with anyone standing.

    First of all, in the youtube link, when the Democrats applaud – and stand! – it just sickens me.
    If a foreign national came and criticized a sitting State Democrat governor – and that state’s legislature’s law – I would not be applauding nor standing.  That’s for US to debate and argue over internally.  They should have remained respectfully silent.  It sure does tell you something.

    As to, “start with anyone standing”, I agree!  In principle!  Let’s get a state volunteer militia out there and take back control of OUR LAND!

    But you shouldn’t underestimate the narco-terrorists.  These drug lords run quasi-governments in Mexico.  They’ve corrupted and bought slews of people in law enforcement, legislatures, judiciaries, etc.  And we should be under no illusions: There are certain to be quite a few of the same corrupted and bought officials on our side of the border as well.  And these dangerous criminals out there in OUR LAND monitoring and observing are likely well armed, as well.  If not yet, they soon will be.  It would be very dangerous.

    Calderon, in that video, has nothing to say that I agree with.  He was one-sided against our enforcement of our sovereign borders, and was not critical in any way of efforts on his own side.  We know where he stands, and it’s not with me.

  • suek

    >>That is not the case for 3,500 acres of public land closer to the border.  Authorities have closed parts of the Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge, saying that the threat posed by drug and human smugglers makes that area too dangerous to remain open.”>>
    Sounds like no-man’s land to me.  Open hunting season.


    Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge …..
    Well, that comment certainly didn’t make me feel at all better. In fact, it only reinforces the standing ovation for Calderon suggested – “we don’t want no stinkin’ borders’.

    Let’s get a state volunteer militia out there and take back control of OUR LAND!
    The Minute Man Border Patrol has been doing just that. Unfortunately, if you have no place or ‘support’ at the federal level to detain and deport, what can be done?
    The porous border is no less dangerous than the border that separates Gaza from Israel, but our representatives are porous mentally – nothing, but nothing goes in; it’s like trying to force toothpaste back into the tube.


    And now for the musical portion of the day (found this at American Digest)

    Christians have their hymns and pages, (hymns and pages)
    Havah Nagilah is for the Jews, (for the Jews)
    Baptists have their rock of ages, (rock of ages)
    Atheists just sing the blues.
    Romantics play Claire de Lune, (Claire de Lune)
    Born agains sing He is Risen,
    But no one ever wrote a tune, (wrote a tune)
    For godless existentialism.
    For Atheists,
    There’s no good news,
    They’ll never sing a song of faith.
    In their songs they have a rule,
    The “he” is always lowercase.
    The “he” is always lowercase.
    Some folks sing a Bach cantata, (Bach cantata)
    Lutherans get Christmas trees,
    Atheist songs add up to nada, (up to nada)
    But they do have Sundays Free.
    Some folks sing – they sing to heaven, (sing to heaven)
    Coptics have the book of scrolls,
    Numerologists count – they count to seven, (count to seven)
    Atheists have rock and roll.
    For atheists, there’s no good news.
    They’ll never sing a song of faith
    In their songs they have a rule,
    The “he” is always lowercase.
    The “he” is always lowercase.
    Atheists – Atheists – Atheists
    Don’t Have No Songs.
    Christians have their hymns and pages,
    Havah Nagilah is for the Jews,
    Baptists have their rock of ages,
    Atheists just sing the blues.
    Catholics dress up for mass
    and listen to Gregorian chants.
    Atheists, just take a pass
    watch football in their underpants.
    Watch Football in Their Underpants
    Atheists – Atheists – Atheists
    Don’t have no songs.
    Don’t Have No Songs.

  • Mike Devx

    Those lyrics are great!
    Reminds me of the classic iconoclast satirist, Tom Lehrer.  No one was safe… including the Pope and the Church.  Remember his ol’ ‘Vatican Rag’?  With apologies to some who may be offended…

    First you get down on your knees
    Fiddle with your rosaries
    Bow your head with great respect
    And genuflect, genuflect, genuflect
    Do whatever steps you want if
    You have cleared them with the Pontiff
    Everybody say his own kyrie eleison
    Doin’ the Vatican Rag
    Get in line in that processional
    Step into that small confessional
    There, the guy who’s got religion’ll
    Tell you if your sin’s original
    If it is, try playin’ it safer
    Drink the wine and chew the wafer
    Two, four, six, eight
    Time to transubstantiate
    So get down upon your knees
    Fiddle with your rosaries
    Bow your head with great respect
    And genuflect, genuflect, genuflect
    Make a cross on your abdomen
    When in Rome do like a Roman
    Ave Maria, gee it’s good to see ya
    Gettin’ ecstatic an’ sorta dramatic an’
    Doin’ the Vatican Rag

  • Mike Devx

    Michael Barone has a short and pithy look at why Obama’s negative numbers portend WORSE for the Democrats than raw polling numbers indicate.  Good reading:

    I was struck by the fact that 91% of Blacks still have a positive impression of Obama.  The immediate reaction for this conservative is that Blacks are being racist.
    But then I put on my contrarian hat: Suppose blacks are rallying to his side because they perceive – or at least believe – that WE are all being racist, all the rest of us Americans?
    I don’t think that holds water.  Racists are racists, and they don’t change very quickly.  Certainly they don’t change in just two years.  And Obama got a very large number of white votes – somewhere close to 50%.  And Hispanics went for him at I believe a 65% rate.  So I think I can rely on my initial assumption: Blacks are being racist with such continued overwhelming support for Obama.  You can’t say that they’re just behaving like loyal Democrats, because even other such “groupings” of Democrats are disfavoring Obama these days.
    This certainly helps explain why Obama is playing the race card on the Arizona immigration law.  His Hispanic support has dropped alarmingly, from that 65% to something around 45%.  Obama wants to recapture that core constituency.  As usual, it’s pure political expediency.  Because illegal immigrants depress the wages of the poor, and that primarily hurts… poor Black Americans.  He’s throwing Black Americans under the bus with this naked political ploy.  And it appears they’re going to let him do it.  “Go ahead, throw us under the bus, Obama!” they appear to be saying.  “Our lives are difficult enough, being so poor, we WANT to be even poorer!”

  • JKB

    And now for a moment of absolute and unmitigated joy: Gift of the day « Don Surber
    You might not agree with the gift but you have to admit it was what she really, really wanted.
    Note: turn down the volume unless you have a high tolerance for teenage girl screaming.


    The village of Port Chester has a population of 30,000, half of which is Hispanic. As the article points out, half of the voters are white and no Hispanic had ever been elected until a cumulative voting system was approved. 12 forums later (6 in English 6 in Spanish) and two Hispanics were elected.
    In cumulative voting, residents get multiple votes to apportion as they wish among the candidates. Experts said the system allows a political minority to gain representation if it organizes and focuses its voting strength on specific candidates.
    I wonder if  Hispanics voted in country of origin. I do not know  what the percentages for Juarez, Mexico City  or San Juan, P.R. My gut reaction is that this community was disengaged or disconnected.
    Some Black voters are just as disengaged as well, at least on a national basis. Cities that are heavily populated with Black voters continue to elect Black mayors and continue to decline – another sign of not being connected. This may have as much to do with a high percentage of single parent homes. The first community begins at home and then extends to the neighborhood and so on. Every minority has to decide whether they’re ‘in’ or ‘out’  of the system – period and only voting for  Black candidates is counter productive and yes, racist and worse self imploding. One has only to think of Kwame Kilpatrick (Detroit’s former mayor) who will be spending this summer and several others in a orange jumpsuit.


    You’re two for two [your comment was priceless]!


    And now for an example of ‘self-imploding’ from our favorite racist Rev. Wright-Wrong ….
    During a five-day seminar Wright taught last week at the University of Chicago, he was back at it, claiming that whites and Jews are controlling the flow of worldwide information and oppressing blacks in Israel and America.
    “White folk done took this country,” Wright said. “You’re in their home, and they’re gonna let you know it.”

    Read more:

  • Mike Devx

    An article full of troubling economic news and info:

    I don’t know where he gets his numbers (eg, 300% Inflation), and if someone can explain it, I’d welcome the explanation.  But what I found most interesting was this paragraph:
    Fed watchers say Mr. Bernanke and his close allies at the Board in Washington are worried by signs that the US recovery is running out of steam. The ECRI leading indicator published by the Economic Cycle Research Institute has collapsed to a 45-week low of -5.7 in the most precipitous slide for half a century. Such a reading typically portends contraction within three months or so.

    Let’s see… the 2010 elections are 4 1/2 months away.  Contraction occurs in three months (if the results of warning signs are typical).  No wonder the Dems are scared!  No wonder they are agitating for a new stimulus package!  Sure, it’ll be ruinous long-term, but it gets them through the 2010 elections with a chance, because stimulus money *does* cause an immediate short-term bounce (followed by long-term decline).

    – The Dems can’t do very much to raise taxes between now and the 2010 elections, can they?  And who can they soak without hurting the economy even more – an economy already apparently trembling on the precipice of another descent into (a double dipper of a ) recession or depression.  Besides, the American People do *not* want their taxes raised.  Talk about a gift to the Republicans, were they to do it!  Bad enough that the Bush tax cuts expire.

    – They can pass a stimulus package though.  Then they have to decide:
    A. Increase the national debt
    B. Print more money to cover it

    In any case, business leaders are not the stupidest people on the face of the planet.  (No, *that* moniker is reserved for certain CongressCritters of the Democrat persuasion.)  Business leaders know the Democrats are swinging a sledgehammer aimed straight at their heads.  They won’t spend, they won’t hire.  Risk is enormous, uncertainty is high.  Who will the Dems gore next?  And on and on, this travesty goes…


    I am sure they’ll work out the tiresome details in Toronto (((cough cough)))
    “I’m completely shocked to see what’s going on right now,” Kokotsis said. “I’m just surprised that it’s happening in Canada, to be quite frank with you, because it’s the kind of activity that we tend to see in Europe or we’re going to see in the United States but not necessarily here.