Attention Neocons: Just do it!

A couple of years ago, I switched my lifelong party affiliation from Democrat to Independent.  The fact is that I’m more closely aligned with Republicans than Independents, despite having some serious reservations about Republican Party management, but I just couldn’t make myself put that “R” by my name.  Today, however, I switched once again, registering as a Republican.

I thought I’d feel weird, but I actually feel good about it — and for a very specific reason.  By officially changing to a Republican voter, I’m both a part of and creating momentum.  Who cares if the pollsters never call me to learn that I’m part of a growing crowd of self-identified conservatives?  By placing that voter registration form in the mail, I’ve made a statement even bigger than the pollsters’ numbers:  I’m Republican and I vote.

If you’re an Independent or a Democrat who’s changed values but hasn’t yet changed parties, do it now.  I know that the Republican Party in Marin is swelling (at least by Marin standards) and these things do make a difference.