Another week of Watcher’s Winners (7/23/10, this time)

The Council has voted again, and I’m very flattered that my fellow Council members thought my post on burqas was good enough to take first place.  As it is, I didn’t think I’d rank anywhere near the top, since the other submissions were so good.

Here are all the winners for last week:

Council Winners

Non-Council Winners

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    Bonzo: I’m tempted to joke that, because I’m on it, it must be important.  Less glibly, it is a group of conservative bloggers (up to twelve when there is a full compliment) who, on a weekly basis, submit for voting one of their own posts and one from another blog site.  The Watcher’s Council originated as a way to “watch Weasels” (meaning dishonest writers, thinkers, politicians, etc.).  The roster of past Council members (which seems to have vanished from the site) is fairly impressive, and I’ve always been very proud to be among that number.

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