Of course, I never panicked

You might have noticed here a paucity of posts about the Gulf Oil spill.  Except for its providing further evidence of Obama’s tin ear, I found it uninteresting.  Why?  Because the environmentalists were hysterical.  Experience has shown me that, unlike even a stopped clock, they are almost invariably wrong.  That meant that the only real risk seemed to be (as I opined earlier) that Obama would use the spill to justify destroying the oil industry — or, at the very least, to destroy the Gulf states that didn’t vote for him.

It turns out that my sanguine attitude, arrived at through nothing more than pig-headed bias against the screaming enviro-nuts, may have been right on the money.  I don’t doubt that the pristine Gulf shores will be oil stained for years, or even decades, which is something that rests squarely on the shoulders of Obama and his fellow federales, but the scope of the disaster is a drop in the ocean’s big bucket.