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    I usually catch a bit of the France24 evening newscast.  They have a “Debate” segment that is sometimes an interesting insight on the current Eurocentric elite.  This evening, the discussion concerned a French burger (French burgers ? Who knew ? I wonder if they pronounce it “bur-gaer”?) chain that had started a “halal”, or Muslim copasetic menu that had met some pushback from the non-, or is it less-elite.
    There wasn’t really a debate as the moderator and his three contributors (one Arab) seemed to be much in agreement that the pushback was a great indignity, neither multicultural nor diverse.  When not snickering up their sleeves at such inanity, they attributed the phenomenon to “scapegoating”, the effects of the economic downturn and the Ground Zero mosque brouhaha.  Believe it or not, no one brought up the idea of introducing seventh century A.D. cultural morés into 21st century France might be, how shall I say, inappropriate.
    Their final venture into rationalization brought up the fact that Kentucky Fried Chicken had started a “halal” menu, as a business decision.  I have read elsewhere that KFC subsequently needed its “halal” venture.  No doubt, that was also a business decision.
    I think it’s time that we start to consider building our own Atlantic Wall.

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    Perhaps, Book, Edith might have found something worthy of singing about, here:

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    Coming soon to the streets around the Ground Zero Mosque?

  • Charles Martel

    Like Marxism, which devours the individual, Islam is a totalitarian philosophy whose followers are confident of its ultimate victory whether or not they will be there to see it.

    Until that day, Islam will work every angle. For every pathetic French countermeasure, such as banning the burqa (a ban that only has to be observed in secular and Christian neighborhoods), there will be a robust in-your-face provocation like the one seen on the video here. Or if not that, then the murder or decapitation of some victims somewhere else. In the long run nibbling works just as well as big bites.

    France will not do anything about this. It will continue to take symbolic steps while studiously avoiding the direct physical confrontation that would bring an end to Muslim lawlessness. The country is not prepared to pay the price for enforcing its own laws or deporting hundreds of thousands of people if that’s what it would take to restore civil culture. Keep in mind, too, that France’s non-Muslim population is middle-aged and old. Aside from its inevitable French lack of courage, it also lacks the physical stamina for marching into the banlieues and serving papers on the lawbreakers who live there.

    The best that will come from this is that it allows Americans to see what happens when Islam gets too big a foothold in a civilized country. It’s late, but not too late here, to start pushing back.